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My RED January didn't quite go to plan

I was inspired by a number of you who took part in RED January last year and so made it part of my 2019 500k challenge.

The year and the January started well. I was walking everyday for the first week and had 2 runs in the second week. However as we got to 20th and later my time became very limited and I stopped having the motivation I started with.

Work was super busy with preparations for Time to Talk Day and a few other tasks. So my daily lunchtime walks went out the window and I was too tired mentally and physically to walk in the evenings.

I am disappointed that I didn't manage to keep active everyday in January. But importantly for me, RED January was part of, and in fact the start of my fitness kick in 2019. By walking more and starting to run I did/ do feel a small sense of achievement. Its definitely a starting point.

February comes with its own challenges. Mainly in that I am having the bathroom done at home and with limited washing opportunities I am not too keen on intensive exercise. So I think for now its refocusing on the walking, then in a week or so restarting the running and getting that miles total moving up.

Being active plays a key part in my wellbeing and I'm trying to regain the active lifestyle I once had. I enjoy running once I'm going, its just making sure I get started.

Right now, I am not 100% happy with the way I look. This is partly because I have had a long period without the high intensity activity I used to with running and team sports. Hopefully I can continue to gradually re-engage that part of my life.

This is a short blog post for me. But after reading Emma's RED January post, I really wanted to share my experience of feeling like its gone ok. I wanted to do 'better' and I am also pleased with what I did achieve... rather for me, what I started.

However your year has started I hope you are able to recognise the positive things you have achieved already. I know first hand how easy it is to focus on the negative. Remember, you've got this!

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