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I started to write about my experiences with a mental health illness because during the time I suffered with heavy or severe depression I needed an outlet. Writing helped to get some things out of my system and to see them in a different light; at times it was therapeutic. I took medication for over five years to help with my mental health and attended a variety of therapies to support recovery, my self development and education. While I still experience depression I now manage this with healthy coping strategies I have learnt over time work for me. 

I have written a blog post for Men Tell Health, which tells you my story in more detail, so please check out that post for a longer insight to my experiences. 

In 2017 I added 'lifestyle' topics to my blogging, includes things like health, exercise, local events and reviews. I am delighted to be sharing more and showing how mental health can affect anyone at different times, but also how we can continue to seek out amazing events, places and people to support our wellbeing. Whether you're struggling with mental health or not. If you have projects or events you would like to discuss with me, get in contact

In July 2018 I hosted the first ever Mental Health Blog Awards. Seeing the celebration and support of people sharing their stories of mental health illness, wellness and projects is something I am so very proud of. The MHBAs still happens each year, celebrating the amazing individuals , projects and campaigns happening with mental health blogging. 

In 2020 Mike's Open Journal (MOJO) became the Open Journal BlogCast. The change reflecting the increased knowledge and story sharing from podcast guests and brand collaborations. 

In 2023 I was fortunate enough to become a father. Since then I have added some parenting life content to my blog.

Along the way I have completed a range of training and development opportunities that have supported me in hosting conversations and spaces where lived experience is shared. These have included:

  • Connect 5, Mental Health Conversation Training (2018)

  • Make Every Contact Count Training (2018)

  • On Your Side, Mental Health in Football Training (2019)

  • Managing Suicidal Conversations (2019)

  • LGBT+ Suicide Prevention (2020)

  • Unconscious Bias Training (2021)

  • Safeguarding Children and Adults (2023)

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you find it useful and or helpful in some way. 

If you would like to get in contact, please feel free to contact me through social media or from the contacts page

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