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Podcast Guests

If you are interested in being a podcast guest consider:

  • What you are happy to share

  • Is a particular topic or project you would like to discuss

  • Can you provide a profile photo for episode promotion

  • Your social media or website to signpost to

The technology required:

  • Zoom account - You only need a free account

  • A microphone - One on headphones or phone will be fine. A laptop microphone can be used, but it's not ideal

  • Headphones - Though not required, they can help with the audio. Phone/ in ear headphones are fine.

  • Have a good internet connection and a quiet space.

Discussion structure:

  • I do not have 'set questions', but there is a common structure.

  • Usual conversation topics can include - who you are, your story, experience/ thoughts regarding mental health/ wellbeing, current projects, future projects.

  • It's not an interview, it's a discussion. So we may end up talking about thoughts slightly away from the original topic.

  • If I introduce a symptom or illness, I’ll always try and do it as a talking point or from my experience. I will not say "I know you have experienced..." I’m happy to hear anything you have to say, but I’ll let you decide what and how much you’re happy to share.

Calls/ recording usually take place on Monday evenings at 5pm or 5.30pm (UK time). Recordings last 30-60 minutes. Please allow 60 minutes in case we use the full time. 

Open Journal is an audio only podcast. Use of a camera/ webcam is not required, but can be used if you are more comfortable with cameras on.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss further, or would like to be a guest you can email me here


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