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December, Reflection Time

Its December again. I hope I am ready for this!

I thought this would be a good time to reflect back on some of those triggers before they get to me. So its Australia flashback time.

I returned to the UK from Australia in July 2014. From there started so much. Depression, Divorce and a downward cycle.

Australia was truly amazing, I would like to think I'll go back at some stage. I have recurring dream about going back for 2 days (how ridiculous would that be!). I think thats just to be able to look back on it as my experience, rather than tie it to a previous partner.

That said if I don't go back, I think I would be ok with that.

During my time in Australia I visited Sydney, Adelong, Melbourne, Mansfield, most of Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Denmark, Cairns, Brisbane and quite a few places in-between. In that time I worked at an Orchard, a Zoo, a Farm, as a Fundraiser and Lifestyle Product Promoter / Seller (those that know know). I swam over part of the Great Barrier Reef, camped next to a Lion's enclosure, fed a camel with my mouth, held a Joey and koala, attempted to surf, spent Christmas on the beach, walked dingos, hitched a three week ride with a German, climbed a mountain, swam naked in Wineglass Bay, watched the Australian Open from a bridge, slept with cockroaches and looked at a sky filled with stars.

I travelled, I lived.

The trip was amazing in every way. There is much more about my journey on a previous blog that I will not be linking too hahaha.

While I was in Australia I was fortunate enough to meet a few professional contacts to discuss future work opportunities in education. It was very fulfilling to arrange this all as an individual without the support or backing of a workplace to get me in the door. A few of these people I have spoken to since returning to the UK, though only a couple in the last year or so. At the time work opportunities in my field seemed very limited, it was a case of look again in 2 or 3 years.

Even having heard that, if you are thinking about going to Australia I would say go! It is such an amazing place. I think traveling changes your outlook. Personally it has also helped me to understand how cool some of the things are that I have in the UK.

If you are thinking of moving, travelling, or visiting Australia...DO IT!

It is an amazing place, I know people that went over before me and people that have gone since I've returned. Im still jealous of them all.

In my reflective mood, I thought it worth posting a few links to places that I enjoyed and would recommend.

I can't look at Australia photos for too long or it may set me off. But theres some amazing memories. I guess this December I want to be able to focus... or appreciate the cool stuff I experienced, without ending up focusing on the down side of returning to the UK and what happened next.

Heres to the good memories!


Denmark Animal Farm

Freycinet National Park

Tropic Days Hostel

Melbourne (Everything)

The Colour Run

WOOFING (Willing Workers For Orginac Farms)

Sydney Beach Walk

Mansfield Zoo

Mole Creek

Port Arthur


Glow Run

Melbourne Victory

Byron Bay

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