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2024 Ins & Outs

It’s mid January and I’m seeing so many of these  2024 ‘in and out’ posts on instagram. I started thinking, what would my ins and outs be?

After some thought I came up with a few things.


- Take more portrait photos

- Participating in a running event

- Wear my glasses more

- Add something new to my fitness routine

- More day trips


- Midnight baby feeds (fingers crossed)

- Not claiming work expenses

- Keeping things that should be donated or thrown away

In the process I realised there’s not a lot I actively want to change. Which in itself is quite a pleasant discovery. My ins are essentially do more of the things I enjoy, and to some extent already do.

While I didn’t think of many outs (only three so far), in the process of thinking about them I was reflecting on prioritising wellbeing, productivity and trying to not hold on to things. I'm pretty pleased prioritising my wellbeing was part of the thinking process.

Honestly, this was tricky. I’m not a big ‘new year, new me’ person and I rarely set New Year’s resolutions. So coming up with a list of things to do and not do, was pretty tricky. I do really like both the idea of being reflective and being reflective. However, for me it’s often happened in a moment. Unplanned, unscheduled. When I’ve had time to stop, think, reflect and think again. This could be while walking, in the shower, while running, or listening to music. So anytime, but... generally not between mid December and mid January.

Maybe it’s the social and self pressure to have actions, clear goals, even the headspace to make reflections and commitments. That could be why my ‘ins and outs’ are mostly doing more or less of something I’m already doing. This isn’t a time I feel best equipped to reflect and commit (see previous post as to why Christmas isn't the best time for me).

I also wouldn’t want to set a resolution or ‘in’ goal and then not work towards that. I think if it/ I failed to make it happen would be ok, if it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen. But the thing I wouldn’t be ok with is not putting in the effort to give it/ myself the best chance for it to happen.

So I’m here with my very vague ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ for 2024, and wondering; when I’m ready, when the moment comes, what will my next ‘in’ or resolution be?

Happy New Year Readers.


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