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Discovering Wallington

Gradually over the last week or so I have wondered around my new home village, and already I have found some interesting things.

Walking around and having a mini explore is something I like doing when I find myself in a new area. I usually try and get a explore walk in even when I travel somewhere for a couple of days. I think back to some of my awesome trips to Dublin, Lincolnshire, Sheffield, and Newcastle. Ok, so they are much bigger places, but I enjoy walking around, slightly aimlessly finding out what's around me. So when we moved into the village I knew I would be taking a few little walks.

The village is (seems to be) fairly small and contained. There is an industrial estate on the edge of the village as it meets Fareham Central. The industrial area is lined with a river and trees, which lead around to two separate open green spaces.

It's great to know there are green spaces to walk around nearby. I had a walking track, fields and woodland at the end of my road before moving. While the space here is much smaller/ less, finding out there is green space to walk around was great.

Walking has been a great 'tool' for my wellbeing over the last decade, and not just in relation to support for my depression. Just generally, even when I have been in a 'good place' its been beneficial. Its definitely not 'the answer' or helpful for everyone, but it works for me.

I am still exploring, but for now. Here is a few photos from my little walks. I will definitely be using some of these for background images in the future!

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