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My Whole Self at Work

On 12th March Mental Health First Aid England will be hosting their annual campaign, My Whole Self. The campaign focuses on supporting wellbeing within workplace settings and identifying the different aspects that make us, us. 

While the My Whole Self campaign is workplace focused, there are thinking processes that would almost definitely be helpful outside of work too. For example I'll include parts of the My Whole Self MOT below; which you can reflect on yourself when reading through. 

  • How’s my mental health today?

  • How do I feel today? Mentally? Physically?

  • My Stress Container

  • How full is my container? Am I using helpful coping strategies?

  • Are they working?

  • My mental health journey

  • Our mental health is part of the wider journey of our lives.

  • Looking after my wellbeing

  • How did I sleep last night? Am I eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water?

  • How’s my thinking today?

  • How are my thoughts making me feel? Am I having unhelpful thoughts?

I think having this focus of who am I , what supports or impacts my mental wellbeing is an essential conversation and reflection to get into workplaces; but also our lives in general. I understand the campaign is focused on workplaces because of the work MHFA England does, but that shouldn't limit us from learning from and using these reflections/ tools in our lives away from work too.

Have you seen the selfie frames? In previous years I have seen these used to great affect; to share insights and aspects of what makes up someone's whole self. Whether those aspects of self are neurodivergents, gender identity, relationships, hobbies, vocations, lived experiences or something else. I really like these as a way to prompt conversation and to share our whole selves.

I managed to find the template, so here's mine for 2024.

In multiple 'news' websites I found reports of something along the lines of "Globally, each year, approximately 12 billion workdays are lost to depression and anxiety, translating into an estimated $1 trillion loss in productivity". Wether that's one hundred per cent correct or not is (to me) irrelevant, but what is relevant and clear is that fair too many workplaces and cultures are not supporting and engaging in proper mental health wellbeing care, engagement and support for employees.

Employees, and friends come to think of it, take time to recruit/ find. So investing in being supportive isn't just about supporting them, its supporting yourself too.

For tips on supporting your mental health and for more about My Whole Self visit the MHFA England website.

If you would like to find support or services to support your workplace and its employees, why not check out local charities, trainers, service providers and see what's available in your area. Let the My Whole Self Campaign be the call to action for your workplace today.


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