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Taking Pride in Your Journey

How are you all? I hope you're keeping cool in the heat we are currently experiencing in the UK. I hear it's been super hot in America this year too. And some people say global warming isn't real?!

Today (as I write this), I have been in London for a lovely collaboration, which I will be sharing with you all soon. My London visit included having a conversation about my mental health and sharing some of my thoughts/ experiences. I was delighted to have a waffle about my experiences and share some personal insights.

It led me to think about a few things (lots, obviously lots). One thing that I came away feeling was a slight distance... A distance from the symptoms that have previously had a huge impact on my life, sure they are still there. But their impact is so much less now. I came away nervous I hadn't talked about everything I had wanted to, or that I had missed something out. Those thoughts, I would kind of expect, but I was also surprisingly proud. Proud, that I've educated myself about my illnesses, that I've put into place strategies and tools that support my wellbeing, that I value myself enough to do that, and that my recovery journey has included sharing not just my story, but that of others too (through the podcast).

"That I value myself enough" - really stuck with me.

The conversation today really resonated with me, and was quite thought provoking. I can be so task focused in my mind that I don't always look back at the achievements, or just be/ exist in the moment. So talking about the positive steps today was a bit of a reminder of what I have achieved.

I didn't quite know what to do with myself after the chat, but fortunately I had my camera with me. I wondered around the local area for 10-15 minutes then spotted a map and saw I wasn't far from Hyde Park. So, I made my way there, took a few photos, caught a few Pokemon, listened to a couple of podcasts and enjoyed the fine weather.

There's some cool stuff happening at the moment. I have had great events and training at work, there's been awesome conversations and guests on the MOJO podcast, the Mental Health Blog Awards are under a month away and I'm moving soon. So, yer, busy.

I have also found myself thinking about the future more over the last couple weeks. Those thoughts have generally been happy and positive, which is something I have struggled with for a long time. More recently I have found myself accepting those thoughts, and even being happy about being happy. Not all the time, but sometimes, I can be happy now and I can't tell you how much of a mind shift that is.

While I still struggle in moments and some moments are longer than others (still got to do the negative first), being happy, and being ok with that, is something I wasn't sure I'd have again.

I think the upcoming move is happening at a good time for me. I have mentioned before realising I've lived in a house not a home for a long time. I think moving will be a positive change for me. Plus, mega mega plus, I am moving in with Laura, which I am super excited about. Laura has really supported me in many unexplainable and unexpected ways. Her love, care and faith in me is something I value extremely highly, even if I am still learning to accept it. I look forward to the joy that will undoubtedly come with our new adventure of cohabitation.

I think I saw today as part of a task, a very very cool one, but a task. I wasn't prepared for how much fun it would be and the positive thoughts I would have after.

I am looking forward to sharing the discussion with you soon. Until then I would like to recap the wellbeing tools I used today and encourage you to share the things that help keep you well too.

  • Walking

  • Being outside

  • Taking photos

  • Playing PokemonGo

  • Talking to Laura on the phone

  • Drinking water

  • Wondering - mentally and physically

  • Listening to podcasts

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