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It's Happening! Blog Awards!

It is actually happening! Following my post last year about the South Coast Mental Health Blog Awards I can now confirm they will be happening!

I have kept this as cheap as possible to make it accessible to all. This does mean that ticket prices include general admission only.

Heres what you need to know:

Ticket Prices: £4.78 - Get Tickets Now

Date: Saturday 28th July 2018

Time: 12pm to 4.30pm

Location: Spice Island, 1 Bath Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2JL

The venue is a 20 minute walk from Portsmouth Harbour Train Station or a 8 minute car journey.

There are a couple of small car parks and street parking nearby (but not directly outside).

Here is a link to the menu

*Ticket prices include general admission only*

We have a part of the bar sectioned off and our own space. So I'm looking forward to us creating our own vibe and getting to spend time together.

We are located downstairs and near to toilets, hopefully making this as accessible as possible.

Approximate Timings

12 to 12.30pm - Arrival

12.30 to 3pm - Food, Drink & Socialising

3 to 3.30pm - Awards

3.30 to 4.30/5pm - Networking & Socialising

Post 5pm - Possibility to move round to Gunwharf for post event drinks, this is next to Portsmouth Harbour Train Station. This is optional and not expected.

(Hopefully It'll be sunnier on the day!)

The Awards

I have listened to all the feedback you guys have provided via twitter and I think these categories best cover the things we all want to celebrate.


Best Photography

Campaign / Project of the Year

Future Micro Influencer (Must have under 2k twitter following to be eligible)

Podcaster of the Year

Vlogger of the Year

Blogger of the Year

*Please note you do not need to be based in the South Coast to be eligible. The South Coast is just the venue.

*Additionally you do not need to exclusively be a mental health blogger to be nominated.


I'm so opting out of taking responsibility here, hahahahaha.

Stage 1 - Nominations

All nominations should be sent to, please include the following (if you have them)

  • Nominees Name

  • Website

  • Twitter Link

  • Facebook Page Link

  • Instagram Link

All nominees will be shortlisted

Stage 2 - Voting

Voting is split 50/50

50% of votes will come from an online poll on Friday 27th July

50% of votes will come from voting slips cast at the event

Hopefully this is clear. It allows everyone to be involved, cuts down on the 'vote for me' stuff, and means the winners are chosen by everyone.

Hopefully this also shows that this is about celebrating EVERYONES achievements. Not just those that win on the day.

Open Mike

I think thats everything for now. I am super excited to see you all soon.

If you have any questions about the event please don't hesitate to contact me.

Nominations are open NOW

Tickets are available NOW - There is a limited number of tickets!!

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