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Health & Wellbeing - At Work

Yesterday was my last day with my main job before the summer. As I am term time only, during the summer I will have a different job and then return to my main job in September.

As it was a training day across my employers organisation there was an opportunity to book in a health and well-being check with visiting practitioner. I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a brief checkup and not have to worry about travel and it being in work time.

As this was my last day in the office I was quite busy, but fortunately managed to get the last slot of the day at 4pm. On my way to the room when consultations are happening I checked a couple of display boards and went to the toilet. Of course that ment the first thing I was asked was for a urine sample having just been. After five minutes of squeezing and pushing I managed a few drops, luckily that's all that was needed. I was then asked how my health was, tricky question. I'm at work, so I don't talk about my 'health' here..... I replied with "do you mean physical health? Yes that's good" smart right? No lies. The nurse then asked about mental health. Damm she worked that out fast. I decided that while I was a work, this is a medical check up with a nurse, there is no point having it and being dishonest. Plus, I don't want to lie about my health / depression. Not mentioning it is one thing, but lying? Nope. We discussed my depression briefly and my medication. I was a little uneasy but it was strangly nice to talk about.

Next up was my BMI, I found out that I sit right on the boarder of "ideal and overweight" that didn't feel great. But, I did remember that I'd eaten quite a lot the day before. So maybe I'm top end of ideal rather than overweight? Maybe.

Next my blood pressure. Well, the nurse seemed a little worried. Which needless to say worried me a bit. Apparently (after having three attempts and getting the same reading each time) I have a notability high blood pressure and I should be seeking advice from my GP. So yay!

All in all an eventful 15 minutes.

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