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Talking Out - Our Mental Health

So wow, I am so pleased by the positive comments I have received since posting my Men Tell Health blog (if you've not read it already, here is a link). It still feels like a risk when I post, particularly when I share links to my posts on social media. As a lot of you know its hard to talk about how you feel and what your experiencing when your not even sure yourself. I have mentioned before how much writing about whats going is beneficial for me. It is an opportunity to express how I am feeling and a chance to reflect. I think for me also, somehow having an outlet where these thoughts and emotions can leave my body. Im not sure how to describe it, I imagine I would get a similar feeling from cutting, but this option is less painful, so its preferable at the moment. Anyway, the main reason I wanted to write this post is to say thank you and state my immeasurable respect for the challenges overcome by some of my friends. Challenges I may never have known about without speaking out, talking about my experience and starting the conversation. Some people have said they could never talk so openly about their experience with mental health issues. To this I have two main thoughts; 1. It is your life, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. You do not have to share, that is your choice. Just like its my choice to not tell you how often I go to the toilet or dance around in the kitchen. Its not a bad thing, its not a secret. But it is my choice not to share that, because I don't feel a need to talk about it. 2. There is a difference between not needing to talk about it / making your choice and feeling like you can't. I hope you know that you can talk about it and you have made your own choice to talk or not talk about it. Rather than thinking you can't talk about it (whatever 'it' is). You can. Whether its something you've been through, or still going through, please know its ok to not be ok! I hope you know that. Those I have spoken to and those who have spoken openly in return (there is a few of you now) I say honestly and publicly that I have the upmost respect and admiration for you. For the challenges you've already overcome, the battles you continue to fight, the courage you show on a daily basis. I adore the person you are right now. Know that there is support out there, that there others struggling with you. We all have our own battles to fight, our own thoughts, feelings and emotions that challenge us on a daily basis. While our struggles are different, we are here together. Let me know how your doing, Please, Please lets keep talking.

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