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Isolation Month Two

I hope you are keeping well and safe out there. It is a strange and scary time. But... but, I’m starting to see some beauty in this time of sadness and sorrow.

My last post looked at some of my more negative thoughts about our current situation. Today I choose to focus on some of the more positive things that are happening.

Starting with the compassion that I’ve seen being displayed. Compassion for those in difficult situations, for those struggling, for those who are and who feel isolated, and for those working to protect everyone else.

The efforts being made to connect. Gone is the opportunity to pop round, leaving many alone and or without their support network. Yet many have rushed to FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, HouseParty and more to connect with friends, family and colleagues.

It's not just direct contact. Many participate in one way conversations: tutorials, guided meditation, yoga, and workouts.

Many now create talking points and activities for others. Sharing quizzes, wellbeing tips and placing rainbows in the window.

While the high street closes, homes are opening. Families are growing. Children are playing and learning with their adult companions. Memories that will last a life time are being made right now in many homes across the world. Relationships are deepening, evolving and growing.

We are being reminded of what really matters.

It’s not a great time for everyone, there are struggles all around us, and some have it harder than we could ever know.

But that does stop or exclude the happiness that is all happening; and vice versa.

I’ve seen resources shared, national applauding, acts of kindness becoming more than random, recognition for everyone’s mental and physical health, and criticism coming second to supporting and thanking.

In a time of division and isolation, I’ve seen so much togetherness and community.

I, again, feel fortunate and privileged to be able to sit back and look at the positives; as someone not compressed and tested by many of the struggles being felt at this time.

I send my thoughts, hopes and wishes to all of you. Stay safe and well, and remember; you are not alone.


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