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Life meaning at the Theatre

I recently attended The Kings Theatre with Laura to see Avenue Q. We had been looking forward to it for a while having purchased our tickets back in October.I have to say, as expected the performance was great.

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I have seen the show before, some years ago. But it was still great to watch the show again. There's a couple of small parts that have been changed / updated, such as the reference to a mix tape, now being a CD.

It was different going back to see a performance I have seen before, this is the first time I have ever done that. I knew it would great. I still have the musical's soundtrack on my phone from some years ago!

I took away more 'life messages' from the show than I did the first time around. For me these were particularly the following three songs / points.

1. Purpose

My depression and inquisitive mind mean I often find myself wondering 'why am I here?' and 'would it matter if I wasn't?'. The performance approaches the meaning of life and the lack of finding this in a funny and friendly way.

2. There's life outside your apartment

Seeing friends rally round to help motivate Princeton, who is in a depressive mindset, was pleasing to see. As someone who has, and still does, experience those low mood moments, feelings of isolation and not being able to get out of bed. I liked seeing someone overcoming that personal struggle, but seemingly continue to have some of that mindset exist.

3. There's a fine fine line

There's a lot of mental health references here. Maybe there is more if you are more aware of mental health illness and symptoms... Im not sure.

My difficulties with relationships meant that I took a lot from this song and the idea that there are fine lines in relationships. For me, this is true of all relationships, not just romantic ones, those those are particularly challenging.

The arts, be that theatre shows, music performances or a piece of art. Is something that I feel can explain my mind, thoughts, feelings, worries, struggles and so much more, in ways I am just not able to explain. Or even comprehend.

I really enjoyed seeing Avenue Q again and creating a new lovely enjoyable memory with Laura. The performance was awesome.

I also have to mention the amazing performers, they are amazing.

Some of who played multiple parts, swapping voices and roles throughout the performance, heck the lead female, Cecily Redman, even voiced two sides of the same conversation with two different voices. That was impressive, and she did that two or three times!

While writing this, I found out that Avenue Q is 15 years old this year! If you get a chance to see Avenue Q at Kings Theatre or somewhere else, its well worth a visit to the theatre!

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