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A brief look forward to 2019

It's that time of year when we look back at 2018 and forward to 2019. As I will be talking on the podcast about 2018, I thought I would do more looking forward to 2019 here.

There are a few thoughts in my mind for 2019, which is actually really nice and a bit of a surprise if I'm being honest. To go through my hopes I'm going to use subheadings, yes(!) theres that many I am actually going to use subheadings!

The Blog

This year, and most of last year, I have spent a lot more time on the blog. Fine-tuning the website, trying to take more photos (and better ones), writing regularly and continuing to share my story.

I want to continue to develop the blog, but I am also aware I want to focus more on the podcast and on the Mental Health Blog Awards, so that will impact on the time I have for the blog, and thats ok.

I am very excited for the Mental Health Blog Awards in July 2019. I will be hosting the event for the second time and this year there will be much more going on, so thats going to be amazing... hopefully.

I haven't got as involved as I would like with the UK Blog Awards this year. Hopefully this is something I can build on in 2019 and take part in more #BlogHour chats.

I have attended a few events in 2018 and worked with a few amazing individuals. One very cool event was the Vuelio Blog Awards, which was amazing. I hope to do more with this awesome blogging organisation in 2019 and continue to meet more Bloggers that share their stories (be that mental health or something else).

The Podcast

The podcast has continued to grow and I am delighted to be welcoming new and returning guests on the podcasts, 3 to 4 times a month. The podcast has now had over 70 guests; who have shared their experiences, struggles, successes and wellbeing tips. Next year I hope to welcome my 100th guest.

I am looking forward to appearing on the Voices for Change 2.0 podcast in 2019 with Rebecca and Joe Lombardo which has a crap-ton of listeners. Rebecca has been a guest on my podcast twice already and you can listen to her first appearance on the podcast here.

I have spoken to 2 radio stations about potentially appearing in 2019 and talking about the podcast too. Those experiences may help the podcast to grow and allow more people to hear the stories I share.

I have a couple of people I would really like to have on the podcast in 2019, so fingers crossed.


I have been at my current daytime workplace 10 months and it's going great. I really enjoy it and seem to get on with everyone. So hopefully 2019 will continue in the same vein.


My relationship with Laura is going well. What is all this going well stuff?! I flipping love this girl, and that's something I seriously questioned if I would ever say again.

While I haven't managed to talk to Rachel and Sarah much this year, I recognise and am grateful for the role they played in my emotional recovery in 2016. Their support and our conversations allowed me to develop confidence and understanding. While that journey is still in progress, I wouldn't be in a stable relationship today without their support at that stage.

While I am sure 2019 will come with it's own challenges and struggles, I hope I can continue on my journey with this lovely beautiful caring human I met one year ago.


I think my 2018 has been a good year. First I want to acknowledge that. 2019 will come with new opportunities, new struggles and experiences, whatever they are I think I look forward to them.

I also look forward to hopefully meeting more amazing people advocating for mental health conversations, inviting more guests onto the podcast and helping to share their stories, hosting the second Mental Health Blog Awards and attending a couple of fun meet ups and events.

Heres to 2019.

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