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MHBlogAwards - Sponsors & Guests

It's nearly time, after over 18 months of thoughts, ideas and discussions. The Mental Health Blog Awards are just around the corner.

I am so excited about the event and seeing everyone. There are a few final things I am sorting out, but hopefully everything will run smoothly. With this being the first Mental Health Blog Awards there were a lot of unknowns, so I have gone for a very relaxed programme, with plenty of time for people to talk and meet other Bloggers and Advocates.

If you like the idea of workshops, speakers and all that stuff, let me know and we can look at that for next year.

I thought it would be nice to introduce a few people to you prior to the event, so you know who to look out for. I have started off by setting up a 'list' on twitter, so you can see everyone (actually not everyone, more like most people, as I couldn't find everyone. So let me know if I missed you out). I am not going to intro all the guest here, for potential privacy reasons. But feel free to check the twitter list.

I also wanted to introduce some of the individuals and brands that have got involved, so I thought I would provide you with some quotes, I like, from sponsors websites to introduce them. It will hopefully give you a little insight to them and (fingers crossed) mean you feel more comfortable to approach them at the event. I know some of them are looking to work with Bloggers in future, so it doesn't hurt to say hi and get known... If you want to.

Please note, some of the people named below may not be able to attend on the 28th, but there will be some representation of them at the event.


"My name is Hannah and I have been a photo fanatic ever since my daughter was born 8 years ago. My husband bought me a proper camera in 2016 as I kept moaning that my trusty iphone was too full and I couldn't get what I wanted too. Since then I have been using my Canon as much as possible. I love capturing the magical moments of childhood, friendship and love."

"Queer Coffee Productions is a small media production company with big ideas. We aim to provide short documentary films which tackle real life subjects. Whilst raising awareness through the power of film and media."

Award Sponsors

Damo has been involved in a number of mental health campaigns and continues to be a supporter of many efforts to reduce the stigma around mental health.

"A 33 year old guy trying to find his way in life. Mistakes, Misfortunes but The True Me."

"Hi I am Amy, a Designer at Through my card and gift ranges we want to talk about mental health. So lets reduce the stigma together."

"One of the main advantages of Instant Counselling is that you can talk to the counsellor of your choice instantly, without needing any appointments. Accessing our service is also quite simple. No need to open an account or fill in questionnaires. Our counselling service does not require any subscriptions either, so you can truly stop using the service whenever you want."

Rich, Calm Man

"Calm Man breaks the stigma behind men’s mental health. It shares personal experiences and introduces mindfulness to men the world over. Calm Man believes that happiness and the ability to be open about mental health should be common place. Everyday."

Amy, Zumos

"Zumos builds your self-confidence and wellbeing. It helps you to practise being a mindful person and builds your inner strength to be a resilient person and it enables you to track your progress... It helps you to find happiness in your life every day... It shows you that you are amazing, unique, talented and capable of doing the things you dream of."

Additional Attendees

Hannah, Mental Snapp

"How often do you get a chance to tell your mental health story from your own perspective? We've made a video diary app to do just that. It's amazing the difference that regular recordings can make."

Poppy, Author

"I’m so proud to announce the publication of my first books for children. You’re a Star and Don’t Worry, Be Happy are aimed at 7-11 year-olds, and aim to introduce children in a friendly and approachable way to the subject of mental health."

Poppy and Summersdale (her Publishers) have kindly donated 2 copies of 'You’re a Star and Don’t Worry, Be Happy'. These 4 books will be free raffled at the event, so make sure you are there to be in with a chance of winning one of Poppy's books.

I'd recommend checking them out for the cool activities (mostly aimed at young people and families) or blog reviews. Plus Poppy will be at the event to talk to too.

Mike, HEH Mind

"Havant and East Hants Mind work to promote good mental health within our locality. We seek to support and empower people to lead a full life as part of our local community."

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