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Redhead Day 2018

Two years back I found out about a interesting event, Redhead Day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the London event, can't remember why, but I was disappointed not to make it. So much so that I was on the look out for the event the following year. Yet there was more unfortunateness because there wasn't an event in 2017. Its fair to say as soon as there was a date for the 2018 event, it was in my planner.

The event turned out to be on the same day as a Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final. So some thought had to go into travel times to avoid the masses.

The event was held at Cecil Sharp House in Camden. Inside there was a main hall with live performances throughout the day including: singing, comedy, talks, promotions and Ginger Bingo.

Downstairs there was a mixture of stands and stalls, from Ginger Parrot, Hot for Ginger, Redhead Revolution Make-up, the Orangutan Foundation and more.

It was so cool to be around a load of redheads. So often I/ we are the odd ones out. As an adult I usually kinda like it, but as a child its wasn't great. Like so many other things that are seen as being different, this often leads to a negative reaction from others. I guess the difference is more that I don't care as much now, I think it probably still happens. I have written before about how I think the verbal and physical abuse towards ginger haired people is the one remaining socially accepted form of racism.

For those saying ginger isn't a race, I have been to, so, race is:

"A group of persons related by common descent or heredity... Characterised by supposedly distinctive and

universal physical characteristics... An arbitrary classification of modern humans, sometimes based on any or a combination of various physical characteristics, as skin color, facial form, or eye shape"

The event was an awesome collection of redheads celebrating our awesomeness.

It was interesting seeing the different shades of ginger too. We had strawberry blondes, coppers, auburns, and reds. Not to mention all the ginger lovers in attendance.

The event was a little smaller than I had expected, however the combination of the fun entertainment and warm (and sheltered haha) garden meant that 5 hours plus passed pretty quickly. It was an ace day of chilling in and out of the sun, listening to cool live music and entertainment.

Music wise, I enjoyed the 3 acts I saw Caroline England, Laura Oakes and Shela Lily. I also had my photo taken by Jack McCausland, I didn't take part in the filming that was happening, but I am looking forward to watching it when its available.

I learnt a few facts thanks to the British Skin Foundation and from the Orangutan Foundation both are charities that you should check out. I also managed to catch the end of the genetics talk which was interesting. Unfortunately that talk was followed by some faux pas from the Knit for Peace team. They showed a lovely, very long, scarf which had been knitted to show the ginger gene. However 2, possibly 3 times the speaker said the ginger gene was a result of an error or the gene code being wrong. I believe this was a slip of the tongue and not meant the way it sounded, but when so much of the day has been about celebrating, this made me more than roll my eyes.

The venue was lovely and having outside space was great. I really enjoyed the event and I got to share it was non ginger Laura. Those flipping non gingers invading our event hahaha. It was nice to be able to share this event with someone else and I am so glad I got to attend after waiting two years.

Fingers crossed I don't have to wait another two to attend again.

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