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Wrestlemania 34 Thoughts

I was delighted to talk to Amer last week about Wreslemania for episode 88 of Mike's Open Journal Podcast.

Following that discussion I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about 'The Show of Shows'.

The Memories

Like many I've seen a fair few previous wrestlemania moments. But I don't really connect with much from before I started watching. So yer, Hogan slamming Andre. Not a big deal for me. I didn't know and wasn't invested in Andre. Hogan, for me, is a guy that set the stage, got mainstream by being in crappy movies (some of which I have seen). But so much of what he's done at the end of his career has meant I don't connect with him either.

From that high point of the Hogan v Rock match at Wrestlemania 18, I thought of Hulk as having a gradual downward ride. The old guy on Smackdown, then the silly Mr. America gimmick, before the awful TNA run. So yer, not really my thing. Plus 'we' have Cena, who is very much todays equivalent.

No, my cool Mania moments are often more silly really.

I think of Vince Mac v Donald Trump in a hair v hair match. Obviously the current President was not an active wrestler, both had representatives in the match. However Trump did take down Vince and later took a stunner from Stone Cold.

Shane jumping (falling) of a hell in a cell in a match. The match wasn't good and it was all about this spot. But it was still awesome to watch at Mania 32.

Speaking of Undertaker, his first ever loss at Mania 30 ended a 21-0 streak.

No one talks of the tag match with Nathan Jones, which Nathan Jones wasn't officially in, so Taker should have been disqualified, hahaha.

TLC2, was part of an amazing Wrestlemania 17 card, believed by many to be the best ever. This Tables, Ladders and Chairs match opened my eyes to what can be done when hardcore is adapted to look good. All three teams involved were part of a competitive division, to the level we are only now starting to see again with New Day and the Usos.

More recently the cool moments of Daniel Bryan winning at Mania 30 and the amazing Seth Rollins cash in at 31

Wrestlemania 34

This year the card is looking very good. However the build to most of the matched has been ether poor or non existent. So heres hoping the matches put it out the bag.

Theres a few matches I want to focus on, because they are much more promising.

Finn Balor v Seth Rollins v The Miz - Intercontental Title

Seth was a great heel, Im not on board with this face Seth, so I don't really want to see him picking up the win here. The Miz has be 'awesome' the last 2 years. I want to see him in the main title picture, it could be very entertaining. For that reason I would be ok with him losing and moving to Smackdown in a post Mania draft. Balor and the 'OGBC' should be booked strong in 2018 so Finn winning would be a good direction to go.

Charlotte v Askua - Smackdown Women's Championship

This should be a great match. I would love to see Askua win and hold the belt for a decent mouth of time. Thats what I though would happen up until this week. With a lot of Carmella run ins lately I wouldn't be surprised to see her cash in at Mania or on Raw the following night.

Ronda & Kurt v Triple H & Steph

Notice the order of the names, that was subconscious. But its the match I would actually be more interested in Ronda v HHH would be a much more entering match. I see Kurt and HHH taking each other out and leaving us with Ronda v Steph, if this lasts more than 2 minutes I will be disappointed. Steph is not a fighter. This is ridiculous and thats from a wrestling fan!

AJ Style v Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE Championship

I want this to be good, I really do. Nakamura needs to win and I think he will. Im a Nakamura entrance fan, but his style (from my googling) has been much diluted by WWE. Styles is a better wrestler and I would love to see him verse The Miz in the future.

JUST IN. - The North American Championship

I have just heard about this title and its match this evening. Its not a Mania match, it will be happening at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, the day before Mania. However it is the match I am now most excited for this week.

Its participants are: EC3, Killian Dain, Adam Cole, Ricochet, Lars Sullivan, and Velveteen Dream. Who will compete in a 6 man ladder match, to crown the first ever WWE North American Champion. I would be excited to see any of these as champion, apart from Lars haha.

Wrestlemaina is a fun event, its had and will continue to have some great moments. There is a strong possibility we will see some of the best actual wrestling this year too. Yes, the build has been poor but honestly thats the way its going these days. The storylines are getting weaker each week. However I think the wrestling ability is at, a near all time high. Plus its Mania!

I hope you have a great Wrestlemaina week, try to enjoy to probably 10 hour show.

If thats not enough for you, remember to listen in to Amer's wrestling podcast too.

Until next time, know your role and shut your mouth. Because here comes the pain. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? WHAT? You can't see me. Im Awesome. And thats the bottom line because...spinaroonie. Yes, Yes, Yes. You just made the list! Its True, its damm true.

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