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It's Flipping Christmas

I'm sure you have noticed by now, but if by some very slim chance you haven't been informed. Its bloody Christmas time!

Faceplam emoji is right!

I'm actually doing ok with this Christmas stuff so far, that being said, its not quite December yet.

As I have mentioned in the last couple of blog posts, this year I really am making a conscious effort to pick and choose the Christmas events and activities I get involved with. I guess you could call it selective exposures, maybe.

I used to love Christmas and it has been cool to think that I could maybe have that again in the future.

Two or three things have made a real difference this year.

1. Blogging events - These have been very cool to attend. They have been a mix of 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Each has been slightly different too. I am going to talk a little bit more about these below.

2. Facebook events - My Facebook usage has actually gone up in the last few months. Thats mainly because of the 'events near you' information. It has been useful to hear about the events that are happening close to me that, in all honesty, I would never have seen otherwise. I started using this information in the summer and since then its been handy.

3. Meet ups - I have had a few meet ups with friends, mainly blogger pals lately. Its been great to just walk around somewhere, grab some food and chat about life. I easily get set into a routine and am happy in my own company, so getting out of the house and talking to someone that isn't me is super important. So shout out to Soph, Rebecca, John, Saffron and Jess who I've seen recently.

The events and activities have been amazing and quite mixed, from seeing Mollie Scott at the Wedgwood Rooms, to events at local Shopping Centres (Havant and Fareham), the recent Body Shop event to meeting up with my new pals.

Going along to Christmas specific events has been fun, but can be quite mentally tiring for me. The fireworks, singing and light switch on at Chichester was great, but I did feel quite drained after. It was a very Christmasy event. I guess a good test for me.

So far it's been ok, I'm just hoping that I am managing the Christmas 'exposures' well. I guess it's a we'll find out later situation.

This week I had some bad news at work which I have (as I usually do) just pushed to one side. So I look forward to that breakdown in a few weeks or months time, insert sarcastic hahaha.

I have enjoyed the events and talking to everyone lately. I am going to try and continue in that vein and see where I end up.

If you struggle at Christmas, or generally during the winter, know you are not alone. Please consider looking at the links on my 'contact' page for information and support.

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