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Global Force Wrestling

While watching this weeks GFW wrestler James Storm stopped a 'USA, USA' chant when a Mexican wrestler came to the ring. James Storm spoke briefly about how it wasn't USA v Mexico, and how 'we are all humans'. It was so good to see the racial stereotyping of a foreigner as the villain halted. He's the villain because he is the villain, not because he's Mexican. Those few words made me want to talk about GFW a little bit. So here goes.

Most wrestling fans know the main players in wrestling in WWE. I have previously spoken about Lucha Underground too, they are amazing and operate very differently. The Lucha production is very much a TV show, with characters brought back from the dead and the ability to appear and disappear. GFW is much more like WWE. Just less popular, less well produced and less known characters. So in many ways it is always thought of as less.

That said, if you just enjoy it for what is it, rather than compare, theres lots to enjoy.

Theres been a few things I have really enjoyed on GFW lately, Im going to try and ignore all the silliness of the recent name changes and financial problems, the silly idea of a GFW (Global Force Wrestling) Global Champion. Like why is global on there twice? Anyway...


Theres some great history in GFW, formally TNA. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode all spend time leading the way in TNA with amazing matches and rivalries.

Grand Championship

While I think the idea of a round based, boxing style, match is stupid. I admire GFW for taking a chance and trying something quite different.

Removing Dixie Carter and then Bruce Prichard from TV

Both seemed to make everything about them. Their not wrestlers and not good characters. Both just make you want to turn off.

New Talent

Recently there has been a lot more wrestlers coming in from other promotions. Wrestlers like: Moose, Drago and Jonny Impact (aka Mundo and Morrison). Most seem exciting and I want to see more.

Knockouts Division

Possibly the best thing about GFW in my opinion. Women's wrestling is constantly good to great. Gail Kim is about to retire, so it looks like she will win the title soon to cap off her career. Gail has been great, but is my least favourite character right now.

Like WWE's Roman Reigns, GFW Knockouts Divison has its pretty but limited wrestlers in Taren Tarrell and Ally. But they are balanced out with hard hitting fighters(!) in Sienna and Rosemary. Taya Valkyrie has also joined recently. Having been part of Jonny Impacts group in Lucha Underground, I would love to see them combine again in GFW.

The main roster stars are different enough and provide very cool variety.

Open Mike

In closing, Rosemary (yup was it obvious it was going to be about Knockouts?) is my favourite part of GFW. This promotion still seems to go from one problem to another. But its still worth keeping an eye on, especially if your bored with WWE. Though Lucha Underground is a better alternative.

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