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Bye Summer

Its September time and that means back to school, college, uni and work for many of us. Summer is about to be a distant memory. Like last year and maybe the year before, I think September will continue to show us warmish sunny weather. I vaguely remember last winter not really happening until January. Are our seasons moving? I swear easter time is now the British summer.

I thought it would be nice to look back over my summer as a bit of a pick me up before work sucks the happy out of me. So heres some cool stuff from me.

Talking Mental Health

Through the summer I had the opportunity to talk about mental health, no more than usual I guess. But I feel like I accepted and embraced those opportunities much more. Maybe that has been because I have been away from my main workplace? I don't know. I have still been working (at my second job), but feel much less judged and more able to be open. The podcast has also been amazing with some awesome guests over the summer including Rebecca, Hannah, Rhianna, Beth, Rachel, and my boys Matt and Wes.

I enjoyed finding out more about local support such as the S.A.D. group in Portsmouth and hosting the second Mental Health Bloggers South Coast Meet Up. Both were great for talking about mental health, some of our triggers and support.


I have been to some great events this summer in Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth and even Havant (Havant Family Fun Day) and Waterlooville (Waterlooville Summer Fete). It was nice to have a couple of events going on close to home.

In a time when more and more of our lives are led online, it has been great to see 'real' social interaction and be part of community events.

Victorious was good again this year, my favourite act was the same as last year. Jerry Williams! While the performance was great. I preferred seeing Jerry a few weeks before at the smaller venue of Little Johnny Russell's. This was a much more intermit setting and, well, I just loved it (blog post here).


Blogging has allowed me some great opportunities this summer. I'm so pleased that people are reading, listening and watching Mike's Open Journal. Its still so....COOL!

This summer I was invited to Yobu in Bournemouth, I got involved with Rebecca's #KeepTalkingMH campaign and John's #ILiveItIBlogIt.

Blogging has also brought some cool links and networking opportunities.

Recently I spoke to Tess at nOCD about their app with is changing lives. You may have seen other bloggers mention nOCD recently as Tess and her team are promoting and get the app out there. In their own words, "nOCD is a smartphone and smartwatch app bringing technology into OCD treatment where patients need it most. nOCD was created by OCD patients for OCD patients".

The free app is fully customisable, provides real time tracking of anxiety levels, an SOS feature and much more.

It is talking to people like Tess that I enjoy and am so grateful for. I get to hear about and help spread the word of some pretty cool projects, campaigns and even products. If you think the app could help or you wanna help Mike out (I get some pennies if you register) then download the app and try it out, its FREE after all.


Guys, can we just! I did a flipping skydive! It was amazing! Falling out a plane was so much fun!

Open Mike

It has been a good summer. I have met new friends and caught up with a few I haven't seen for a while. My mental health has been more stable, which hopefully will continue. The podcast has been amazing with massive thanks to all my guests and listeners. I am very excited because at the end of this month (I think) my blog will have been going 2 years. I have done and shared so much. I actually feel proud of me! Shit I'm crying, haha. Huge thank you to those of you that have been part of those last two years (crap leave that for another post you idiot!).

Whatever has happened in your summer, I hope you are able to look back at some of the good times you have had, however big or small.

Remember YOU are not alone.

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