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The Hate Gang

Theres been so much hate lately. Its almost unbelievable!

Usually I would do my best to ignore this, but it has affected my life and my mental health. So I feel fully just in talking about this now.

I still don't quite get why people can't just disagree. Why attack people for their views?

If I like certain topics, people, places, toys, animals more than others. That's my opinion. I respect you can (& likely will) think something else. And that's ok! I don't like or see the need to personally attack someone for their views. To me that's wrong.

Personally, I don't agree with everything in the blog post (we were all talking about recently by @JohnRdtoVol) but I like the idea that blogging can be more than a blog. We can work together, and join our voices to make them stronger. It was John's believe in our opportunity to do this that inspired me to be part of I live it I blog it.

I have had a chat with John since his blog post went live and it was nice to talk about how we see some things differently & some the same. I respect John for saying what he thinks. I don't have to agree with all or any of it and nether do you. Apparently this isn't the done thing though, I (personally) don't think it's cool or appropriate to bash someone for having a different view. Yet many have attacked John and Nicole (who agreed with John's post). Worse than just bad mouthing them, both have been attacked personally & their other work / projects have been included in the backlash.

Maybe I'm too passive? I respect it's your view & you should be able to express yourself. If you don't agree with John, Nicole or anyone. Thats fine, its ok, its arguably your right! But, I don't like or appreciate it when you use that right to attack someone else. In the United States I am pretty sure John, Nicole and a couple of others would well be within their rights to sue.

I have realised most people tweeting about this haven't read the blog post or Nicole's tweet and are just following the drama. Some people just want the attention.

But this isn't the first and it won't be the last. Having received personal attacks before I know this well. My character has been attacked, friendships damaged and ended because of people butting into a conversation and driving up drama. Unfortunately I am not the only one. Other people have been caught up, with little to no thought from other people. I have seen a male blogger told to "shut up" and "piss off", then not long after the same people saying why are there not more male bloggers?! Like WTF?! You surely can't promote there being more bloggers if you are attacking the ones their are. You are a negative influence that some people just don't want the hassle of dealing with and so they unfortunately stay away. Some people maybe just don't care who they hurt...

I have been told not to talk about mental health, relationships and sex. As you can see, its not that its negative about anyone or thing. Its just one or two people didn't want to see me talk about this. Again, days later they engaged in discussions about sex with their 'other friends'. So for some reason I can't talk about sex but you can?!? I have no idea what world some people are on.

For me sex and sexual health is an important topic, along with mental health to talk about. Too often its left to hear say, rumour and drunken experience. I believe its important to be more open about sex and sexual health. That doesn't mean you have to write or read about it, but I want and believe its important to, so I will. You are free to not read or to unfollow. I honestly don't see whats wrong with that.

I have seen it from groups before to. There is seemingly no end. I have struggled with this, my BPD and depression make it hard to trust people and let them in. Then I'm exposed to the back stabbing that happens, so its no wonder these events have been a struggle. They reinforce the negative voices and thoughts I have. It has made me very wary of who I talk to and who I invest in.

That shouldn't be the way we move forward as a society, cutting people off leads to extreme views. You spend all your time with only people that agree with you. Where you believe YOUR view is the 'right' one and everyone else is wrong.

Extremist behaviour is dangerous and I have started to see elements of it in blogging and online. It is worrying to see an environment that says it is inclusive, as long as you agree with us.

Pretty sure I have seen that somewhere else before...

Again (like it needs to be said all the time now), these are my views, you don't have to agree. Thats cool. I just felt the need to share what has been going on with me.

If you don't like what someone says; talk to them, if you can't, then unfollow, mute, block, report. Don't attack people, thats just cruel, stupid and very much not cool.

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