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Recently I spoke to Rebecca Lombardo on the podcast, if you haven't already listen here, she mentioned #KeepTalkingMH towards the end of our conversation and I have to say it more than warranted its own short blog post.

#KeepTalkingMH is a campaign led by Beka, she is asking YOU to pose with a sign that says "#KeepTalkingMH" and to post it to social media using the hashtag. Its that simple. It can be a selfie, a group shot, a cool timer delayed photo. Whatever you choose.

Theres even a competition if you want to get creative! Fancy finding out more check Beka's site.

I mean I don't know how you best my image, but I guess you can try, hahaha.

If you have read my previous blog posts you will know the impact mental health has had and continues to have on me. I believe mental health is so important, its a thing that affects us ALL, yet many of us don't talk about it and don't understand it.

This is why I believe just talking about mental health is so important. Because some, if not all, of us will be affected by mental health illnesses and at that time it would be great if we could focus on treating the illness. Instead what happens is that illness gets surrounded in so much stigma, it makes it hard for that person to speak up. In turn, it makes it harder for others to hear.

So please, lets keep talking, lets help stop that stigma and support those around us, our families, friends and the friends we have yet to meet.

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