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Falling 7,000 feet

Years ago I wanted to do a skydive, Ive even come close to doing it once or twice.

While over in Australia, I looked into taking part in a skydive, particularly when I was in Airle Beach, around Whitsundays, Australia. I views where picturesque, just some of the most beautiful part of land and sea. I was really tempted, I even decided to do it, but then when I phoned up, there wasn't availability on there day I wanted, and changing my plans would have cost more money. So I thought about it while walking around the beach and the nearby shops. One of the small local shops had a didgeridoo beginners class starting soon. I hung around and took part, it was really fun and actually pretty funny. It was a great way to engage customers and encourage people to buy. While I knew, even having had the 30 minute class, I wasn't likely to play a didgeridoo very week or anything if I got one. I thought, you know what, I would get this out very so often and it would be a very cool reminder of this trip.

I started to think about getting one, while also thinking I had just decided I wanted to do the skydive. There was no way I could afford to do both, they were similar prices (both expensive!). After some over thinking I decided to get the didgeridoo as it would last longer.

Its funny looking back, I don't regret my decision at all. But I recognise the change in my mind and I guess in my decision making, as I would make the opposite decision given it today.

Jumping forward to this dive though, it was at a moment of weakness, or inspiration... As I saw a offer on wowcher (which I have since found out isn't an offer price, its the current regular price offered by skydive company. Bad Wowcher!). I thought, you know what. You keep saying you want to do stuff. Well heres something you have wanted to do for years, but haven't actively looked into it. This is your chance to do it (discussion in my own head). So I booked it!

I have up until now only told one person. I guess because I wanted it to be my own thing. I didn't plan to do it with other people, I didn't plan to do it for charity. So it would be nice to just have it to myself.

Plus, possibly it makes it a bit less real if your not talking about it, maybe.

Well, that has changed slightly. I have now booked my date, 12th July. So no backing out. While I do still want this to be my own thing. I recognise this is not your average activity and so it is a good opportunity to raise some money for charity. With all the great work Mind does, I would feel sad it I had missed an opportunity to fundraise for them. I think I would feel a bit selfish. So, I have decided to set up a Just giving page, which I will link to every so often, but I will not be pushing it loads. I want, and kind of need to do this for me. So great if you can and want to support and donate. THANKS!

But, I will not be overtly pushing that.

I really hope its good weather as I have to drive 2 plus hours to the venue in Dorset. Because of this I have opted for the later jump / fall time, hopefully this means Ill be informed of the bad weather before I leave home, if we have it.

Another reason I think I am interested in completing a skydive is my dad. He has previously completed two jumps and I think seeing him do this has been a bit of an inspiration. I don't remember specifics however. In my mind, he was so happy completing his first jump. I think this was a while after mum left him. I know now that this was a really difficult time for him and to see him show emotion, and positive emotion at that so good. I think in my own way I want to feel that rush of joy and excitement that he felt. He is a brave and caring old git.

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