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Live at the Bandstand

First off I have to say sorry to my fellow Pompey Bloggers for getting the time wrong for todays event, hands up on that mistake.

The day started off very cloudy this morning, like quite dark clouds and plenty of them. So I was pleasantly surprised by the weather as the sun crept through. It was actually quite nice, there was even some sunlight!

I met up with fellow Pompey Blogger Hannah, we had a good catch up during the first few songs. Then the music took over. It was lovely to sit on the hill and listen to music. I even laid back a couple of times and closed my eyes, sun on my face, listening to the music, with a sea breaze. It was lovely.

This was the start of Portsmouth City Council's Live at the Bandstand programme. You can see the full line up here. Today was a set list from UVG, who I have enjoyed seeing a few times this year already.

Live music is AMAZING! and I do enjoy UVG, but there was a little extra today with the appearance and performance of Most Wanted Dance group.

If you are interested in finding out more about Live music and the Bandstand, UVG, Most Wanted or Pompey Bloggers check the links.

Now for the good stuff; photos and short video.

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