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Szen Zone - Positive Change

Last week I was lucky enough to get to speak to the Author of Szen Zone, Gary Szenderski. Following that chat I wanted to write a short post to go alongside the podcast that will be going live at the same time as this post.

I was super pleased to get to chat with Gary because I enjoyed reading the Szen Zone, but its not your usual book. In fact, to me this book is almost a resource. I couldn't help myself but read through in a traditional linear way, but you really don't need to do that. If fact you'll likely find it much more useful if you don't do that. I just couldn't stop myself, hahaha.

The book is made up of short stories with brief summaries or insights at the end of each story.

Theres Benny the Bean Counter, Danny's Rearranged Meeting and more.

At first glance I thought the book was about personal change, but with very much of a business or branding vibe / emphasis. However as I read through I found more and more mental health messages within the text. There was reference to letting go of the past, realising the importance and power of the now and having self acceptance. This along with a few topics those of us that have attended therapy will recognise; various types of communication, autopilot and goal setting.

My chat with Gary included discussion on some of these topics and how a positive mental health message can be gained from reading this book. In fact how it could also be used as a supportive resource.

Please listen to the podcast, it was a great chat. If you would like to find out more about Gary and the Szen Zone check his site here.

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