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WWE Royal Rumble

This weekend its not just #MHBSouthCoast it is also the weekend for WWE's third, maybe second biggest show of the year. The Royal Rumble!

I have previously written for Daily Focal about 'Why I still watch wrestling'. That will give you an insight into why I love wrestling. The break from reality, the excitement to see the action unfold and the storylines play out. WWE have weekly shows in Raw and SmackDown Live.

Please don't get me started on why SmackDown has to have Live at the end of it, when both shows are live! Essentially... (damm it I couldn't stop myself) SmackDown used to be prerecorded while Raw was live. So Live has been added to SD to highlight that it is now live.

<In the time its taken me to write to this point I've eaten a 103g bag of Maltesers, O dear!>

Warning: This is mainly going to be wrestling talk, haha.

The Royal Rumble is a 'special' or PPV (Pay Per View) type show. This means it should be the conclusion of some storylines. However it is also the start of the road to Wrestlemania on 2nd April. Which is the biggest show in WWE and arguably in all wrestling. The Rumble is not just the show title, it is also the name of the headline match. Were one by one 30 superstars make their way to the ring. The only way to eliminate your opponents is to throw them over the top rope and have their feet touch the floor.

Yes there are numerous spots were someone is thrown over the top rope but they don't fall to the floor! There is even one wrestler than is essentially only in the match to show how many ways you can avoid the floor. He, Kofi, will land on the steps, crowd rail, other wrestlers and has even done a handstand to avoid the floor... yes, I'm rolling my eyes too!

The winner is the last man (I think there has only ever been one woman in the Rumble, anyone know if this is right?) left in the match. The winner gets to challenge for the main title on their show (Raw or SD), with their match being at Wrestlemania.

Going into this years Royal Rumble there is a few potential winners, which is strange it is usually fairly predictable with only one or two likely winners. This year it is much less predictable. This in part is because the two shows split into separate brands this year so the Raw guys and gals don't appear on SD or vice-versa. It is also as we get into WWE's main focus RR to WM that we see the return of a few part time superstars. The Undertaker is returning, along with Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. Theres even John Cena wrestling for a record equalling 16th World Title. While Cena is likely to lose, he will win the title at the next PPV show and go into Wrestlemaina as a champion. Two of the early favourites to win the Rumble were Undertaker and Brock. In fact I've bet a tidy £14 on Brock to win, so fingers crossed! So you get the feel the part timers are seen as a big draw, because non wrestling fans and causal viewers will know and want to see these guys.

It will be interesting to see how storylines are concluded, evolve and start at the Rumble.

Finn Balor is rumoured to be returning from a long term injury that led to him having to vacate a World Title earlier in the year. Kurt Angle is another possible entrant, prior to entering the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Another mentioned superstar is Samoa Joe. This guy has been wrestling in NXT (without making this too completed its another brand within WWE) he is seen as someone who out be getting a big push in 2017.

This is a great change from where we have had a very predictable HHH victory and the previous year a Roman Reigns victory that got booed out of the building. WWE even edited the audio being sent out to lessen the negative fan reaction.

I am really looking forward to watching the show. It will be live Sunday night / Monday morning. So I will likely be trying to watch Monday evening. The show will be over 4 hours I think, so ill be watching while doing other things at home like making dinner, eating dinner, tidying and maybe writing.

The Rumble match will have my full attention. As will one of the two title matches. John Cena vs Champion AJ Style will be a very good match. AJ is the man! Owens vs Roman on the other hand... I just feel like I kind of don't care. Its Roman he sucks the joy out of anything for me. Im past hating him, its just annoyance and a lack of giving a f about anything he does. He can't act, he does sell and when he does its not believable because he wears a flipping stab vest in the ring!

Anyway (Roman sucks!), I am looking forward to this match and show. Im sticking with a Brock Lesnar win because thats where my money is. There should be some good spots, there will be some great crowd reactions as different superstars make their entrances. There will be some laying on the floor and waiting for your spot from some guys, try to ignore that haha.

Have a great weekend and remember, Im not watching till Monday night so NO SPOILERS please.

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