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Vuelio Top 10

I’m so delighted to be sharing this update. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Vuelio has announced this year’s Top 10 Mental Health Blogs. And I’m on the list!

It really is a privilege to be mentioned and recognised in this way. My blog started off as a way to express the difficult and intrusive thoughts I was having. My experience mostly being around depression, then spiralling into thoughts of self harm. Over time, with therapy, a lot of conversations and learning coping strategies that worked for me, I learnt to better manage my own experiences living with depression.

Along the way, my blog became my safe place. The place where I wrote the things I couldn’t say. A place I could start to engage with other people also struggling with their mental health. It became part of my support system.

As my journey developed or rather continued, I began to open my blogging to include different events, activities, campaigns and conversations that linked to wellbeing and mental health. Widening my own understanding and sharing my experiences in a way that felt safe and accessible for me.

Over time my blog has grown to include more aspects of my mental health, and involved bring conversations about mental health to spaces where it wasn’t always the focus.

While the struggles are still there, so now are the successes and midway reflection points. I’m so delighted that my blog now shows a more rounded version of me and my lived experiences; which does still include those (not always perfectly managed) struggles.

Recovery looks very different for each person. And a linear one is very unlikely. So here’s to us messy ones, the creative minds, the ones struggling, the ones persevering, the ones celebrating our successes!

Thank you

I enjoy seeing and discovering creators through Vuelio’s Top 10s. In the last year I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about Film, Parenting and Daddy Blogs, and the Vuelio Top 10s have been a great place to start. If you haven’t already definitely check out their other Top 10 lists.

I’m so delighted to be part of a Vuelio Top 10 list, because it provides some sort of tangible feedback that my sharing has helped, is useful and valued. A big thank you to the Vuelio Team for collating these Top 10 lists, and for including me in this.

I also want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to the other bloggers sharing mental health content. Sharing our different and unique lived experiences really helps educate and raise awareness of the different ways mental health can and does impact us, and the support that’s available to people. If you share you story, whether you’re on the list or not, well done and thank you for sharing your lived experiences.

Have a great Mental Health Awareness Week!


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