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Emojification My Second Language

👋🏼 Those of you that follow me on twitter and especially those that private message me know that emojis are in frequent use.

I have never been great at language, heck I still struggle with English, let alone a foreign language. I did try to learn sign language when I was at college. But that didn't go very well, our Tutor was only there for about three weeks I think. We were taught Westlife songs 🙄 so yer. It was a fun interactive way to learn, just, there wasn't any variation.

Emojis are an interesting way to communicate. I mean when you think about it, the first languages were drawings and images on rock faces. Aren't emojis just a modern pictorial method of communication? 🤔

I find emojis a quick way to communicate too, at a time when I can send a lot of messages, its quick and convenient. Plus strangely I find it helps to get across what I'm thinking or feeling more accurately than words sometimes. Does that sound strange?

Communication can be hard, its something I have struggled with in recent years, so I'm open to trying different things and emojis have worked for me.

I read some articles around a year ago that discussed workplaces use of emojis. They mentioned that some Managers had started to use them, particularly when stating something that could result in a negative reaction from staff. The use of an emoji was seen as a way to make the message more friendly and less divisive. Obviously this was still only used in suitable places, we were not seeing 'your sacked 👋🏼, get 👉🏼'. But I saw this as a kind of proof that emojis are seen as a friendly way to communicate and create that rapport in the workplace. If that is so then how influential must that form of communication be?

Its more fun too right?

😀🎙🎙🤔 = Podcasting

💏🍕 = Dinner Date

🛁💁🏼 = #BathBunBattle

Its also a language that is ever growing and evolving. Originating in Japan in the late 1998 there were 172 emojis. Fast forward to 2015 and 😂 was named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year! Furthermore the updates in 2016 took the number of emojis to 1,851. Even more interesting when you consider there are only 26 letters in the English language. Emojis then are an ever evolving language. One that has quickly learnt to recognise the importance of representation. To have different skin colours, equal job roles for men and women and a range of activities.

Emojis are a fun quick way to communicate. As they evolve so does our use of them. Evermore do they appear in my messages and posts. They bring colour and light to my communication.


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