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Pokemon GO

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Pokemon Go went live in the UK this morning, however some people (wink, nudge) have been playing this game for a week already. So, heres my take.

1. I was not fully on board with pokemon on its original release. That being said I did like it, while I did not play the card games or collection the stickers / cards, I did have a pokemon game for the game boy and later for the N64. These where cool games but I wasn't addicted to them. Though Im pretty sure I was mega excited to trade with some to get a Mew.

2. I loved / love geocaching, but its very much a do it three times in a week then not for two or three months. It gets more involved once you have done all the points near to you. Pokemon does encourage you to go out and about to find different pokemon, but you can still collect and develop without going very far. So for me this may have more playability and appeal than geocaching.

3. Mental and physical health. From a personal point of view mine has definitely improve over the last week or so (if your from the App Store, I mean the last couple of hours). There is a reason to get up and go out, and I have something to show for going out.

As you may know I am currently involved in CBT (therapy) and I have goals to work on over a two week period. For about 8 weeks Ive been trying to get outside for 30 - 60 minute walks once a week. But I just have not been able to do it. I didn't have to motivation, the enthusiasm or, well....any willingness to get up and go outside. However that has now changed, Ive been out for three walks in the last 8 days. While I am sure this will drop off at some stage, I am enjoying the effect that the game is having on me right now.

For me then this game has come at a time when I can really benefit from it and get outside.

I am not even going to get stuck on the fact I nearly walked into 4 bits of dog poo and a broken bottle on my first walk. There is a warning at the start of the game (and you'll see that a lot as you keep having to log in when the game crashes every 15-20 minutes).

Furthermore Ive enjoyed it so much, I'll be holding a podcast recording session next friday with a few friends to discuss the game and have a discussion about progress, thoughts and affects of the game. If you would like to take part let me know (@Mike_Douglas_ or @Open_Journal_).

For now, thanks for reading and remember your not alone out there.

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