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Podcast Submitted!


I have managed to complete ALL the required points to reach iTunes requirements. Its taken a lot of hours, more than I care to think about. Because most of them have been fiddling around with images.

In the end I have gone with a very simple cover, that I (hopefully) can change without to much hassle at a later stage. Its given me far to much of a headache to do it now.

I am happy to just know its done. Now I can look at improving the quality of my presenting and audio hosting. I am very pleased though. Its all skill development Im sure. But its just get to know I have opened up another door to communicating with people and talking about mental health.

Anyway, Im not going to sit here until 3am again, well not tonight anyway. I have a run to wake up for. So thanks for reading, and hopefully very soon you'll be able to listen to my ramblings.

Stay safe


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