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Music & Story Sharing

This week I’ve watched a couple of programmes; a documentary and an interview. Both have focused on the lives of young musicians / performers.

My Mind & Me, with Selena Gomez and Louis Theroux interviews Yungblud.

Apple TV remote on table

Having watched both programmes I am struck by the openness, the rawness, of both of these public figures. And in different ways, felt connections with their experiences (past and current) of trauma.

It’s great to see music be a outlet for people; creatively, emotionally and physically. However I’m also left wondering do we discourage sharing so much, music and performance become the only way some can share their stories?

Stories matter. We matter. Sharing our experiences (in safe environments (those look different for each of us)) is hugely powerful and important. Our stories can connect, inform, support, educate and comfort others.

Sharing our story can involve tv programmes and YouTube videos. It can also involve a coffee/ juice and that one friend/ colleague we feel comfortable with.

Sometimes we need to build up confidence and maybe even skills to allow us to articulate our own experiences or to offer support to someone else. If you feel like you’re in that place right now, check out training courses and resources from charities near you. There are occasionally free courses and resources we can access. As always I recommend finding your nearest local Mind. They often have community courses around wellbeing and conversations.

We can all learn more when it comes to supporting and hosting conversations, and supporting our friends, colleagues and families with their mental health and the traumas they may have experienced.


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