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Mental Health Awareness Week (Signposting)

This year Mental Health Awareness Week has been surrounded by other events and activities, which I'm hoping will result in more conversations about wellbeing and mental health in 'non mental health spaces'. Linked to that I really enjoyed attending the Portsmouth Fitness Festival last week, and this weekends Portmouth Comic Con (blog post coming soon). Both of which (plus Henry) mean I dont have a longer post this year, it's more of a check-in; which I kinda love. Sometimes mental health requires longer more structured, detialed conversations. And sometimes the regular quick checkins mean just as much. They are a reminder we are here, we care, we listen, we support; eachother and ourselves. And that we are each managing our own lifes, commitments, lived experinces and traumas.

This year my mental health is something thats felt affected in very different ways as a new parent, and I continue to manage my depression which every so often still hits me and pulls me in. Thankfully years of learning how best to manage my own mental health (illness and wellness) have supported my ability to do this. Plus having the support of a partner, friends and now Henry for emotional nourishment really helps.

If you would like to access support for yourself, or be better informed to support someone you care about consider visiting the below sites to find out more about their services, activities, campaigns and support.

If you are near to me and in the Hampshire area we also have local crisis services:

I hope this Mental Health Awareness Week prompts many conversations about stories, lived experinces and support services. 'Just' listening can and does make a massive difference every day to those of us with mental health struggles. Having a conversation saves lifes.

This week is a prompt, it's not the only time conversations can or do happen. Try not to pressure yourself if you're not ready (to talk or to listen); it can take time, not every person is the right person for you and not every cafe is the right place for you. Find your place and your people.

Have a lovely, peaceful and mindful week.


Blogger's note: This post does not include sponsored content. This none of the services or charities have seen this post before it is published, nor have they instructed me on what to say. The views, experiences, thoughts and insights expressed in this post are my own. The links included are direct web links and are not affiliate links.


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