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I didn’t get there in time to find #JaackMaatesGoldenTicket, but annoyingly I did get to the corner in time to see the person who did. What makes it worse is the few minutes I spent having a drink of squash before I left. Here’s the bush, minus the Golden Ticket Tin.

Find out more about Jaack’s Golden Ticket by watching this video.

Even though I didn’t win, it was really nice to be part of something fun for a little bit.

Having spent sooo much time indoors in the last year, and at times being afraid to go out for anything I considered non essential; this was a lovely moment to enjoy.

Chatting to the other people that arrived just after me and hearing their theories on where other cities boxes might be and how they had rushed to the spot we were stood in, reminded me of social activities, meeting people and just having a chat. Things we’ve not really been able to do for over 14 months.

Standing by the bush in Portsmouth and chatting as more people arrived also reminded me of ‘the summer of Pokémon Go’. The people I randomly chatted to playing that game. Honestly I remember playing Pokémon stood next to the beach at Southsea with about 70 people, at midnight!

Massive thank you to Jaack, Alfie and Fiona for the effort they put into this idea. I’m sure there are many people like me, that will not be ticket winners, but will be winners through just being able to have an evening of fun.

Here‘s to hopefully being able to be part of more fun activities and events again soon.


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