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Isolation Week Three

I’ve been self isolating most of the last two weeks, so as I go into my third week at home what’s going on?

I think almost straight away I found myself feeling very fortunate, and in so many different ways. At work, while I work for a charity, we are stable and continue to be able to work remotely; ensuring a level of job stability. In January we started remote working and online meetings; so we were already investigating the processes and procedures for working in this way. At home, I have a loving partner; who is compassionate, caring, intelligent and is accepting of my desire to play games, talk theories (sometimes rubbish) and just cuddle. We have cats for companionship, a garden to sit downside and about 10 days worth of food (though the fizzy drink situation is worrying).

I am fairly aware of how fortunate I am. I can not imagine the suitations I have herd/ read/ expect some people are in. My thoughts and wishes go to those in houses with people who mistreat/ disrespect/ don’t acknowledge/ abuse you or someone else in the house. Being isolated for many of us is an inconvenience, and quite frankly little more. For others, the situation can, and is, life threatening.

I feel our Government in the UK has been very slow, reluctant and at times negligent in it's actions. I do think it has shown how distant and unconnected politicians can be from ‘real people’. The slowness I feel was partly because they wanted there to be an outcry for action (such as lockdown), so that when it happened it was more widely practiced/ accepted. But that’s just my theory.

In this time of isolation I have seen so many people sharing different ways of connecting, keeping active and sharing support. There have been moments when I've been truly touched by the things I’ve seen people do. I am going to come back to some of these.

There have been conversations I’ve had in the last two weeks where I’ve felt the need to discuss with someone that we are not operating in the 'usual' world now. Just because you expect something to happen, or it’s how things usually happen, that’s not necessarily how things will happen now. Sport maybe performed without spectators, at least for a period of time. Schools may go back in September, or October, or January. TV programmes may stop because none have been produced.

Post delivery may stop because it is not an essential service...

I don’t think that’s scaremongering, it’s being realistic that this could be a life/ generation/ decade changing moment. We will survive, but our lives may look very different. Equally in 6 to 18 months time everything may go back to how it was. Though I doubt it personally.

I also don’t think this ‘change’ means we should stop living or doing things (safely and within the guidelines). For example, I have seen weddings, house renovations, and businesses evolve. Yes things are changing, yes there’s a lot of bad, but it’s not all bad. Some people are doing amazing things (for themselves, their loved ones, their communities).

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. I’m going to write another post a little more focused on wellbeing soon. I just needed to process and express a few thoughts here first.

It kind of feels like everything is changing, and yet nothing is changing at the same time.


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