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Impact of Socialising

Social stuff is tiring. I think I’d slightly forgotten how tiring. Some social things are really fun, some are not. To an extent, it depends on who’s there and what the reason for the event is. Plus how much control or information I have about an event can increase my confidence and enjoyment of it.

I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to a number of events pre and ‘post’ pandemic; and I have definitely noticed I’ve become much more selective about what I attend. Maybe this will change again in the future, maybe it won’t.

Events where there’s more space and you’re less crammed in were always a slight preference. But now it’s almost a requirement. I’m more aware of airflow, doors, windows and outside spaces. While this started as a covid prevention reaction, it is now more to do with enjoying the event/ environment. I just don’t want to be crammed into a venue and have people breathing all over my food.

I believe in part this is of course a reaction to constant health messaging over the last two years. But for me it is also about spending a lot of time on my own or in my own space over that time. Meaning I now look for and desire slightly different things from leisure and social activities and events.

That’s not to say I’ll never go somewhere busy or packed again. There’s some very cool events coming in 2022/2023 that would be great to attend. It’s just I’ll maybe approach those events differently and potentially be more mentally and emotionally tired after them.

I suppose the takeaway from this post is, I’m excited to be attending events again. But aware currently I can be more tired after social activities and events. So I may have more moments when I step back, which could actually be a useful thing for some photography and more distance images.

There’s also part of me that really wants to test myself in busier environments, to find my level of comfort, though again I think this would have as much to do with my interest in the activity or event.

What events are you looking forward to in 2022/ 2023?

How have you found attending or considering large gatherings?

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