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Do Not Disturb

Lockdown, isolation, home working, whatever you have been doing, it has been different. But there has been some good things and experiences. For me personally, it has been a beneficial time to review and reflect on what I do and why, along with the impact of that.

One thing I have tried over the last two months has been leaving my phone on DND, or do not disturb. Usually this is the setting I would put my phone on at night, so no notifications are buzzing and the sometimes constant draw to my phone is minimised. Importantly this is the only time I previously used this setting.

While turning off my phone, or leaving it in another room would be a better sleeping habit (check out my podcast episode with Vicky from the Sleep Charity for more sleeping tips), it is a good start and a behaviour I've practiced for years (I rarely turn my phone off).

Back in late June early July I wanted a break from my messages and calls, and feeling like I needed to reply to everything straight away. Or rather, a break from feeling bad about not doing replying immediately. As a result I decided to put my phone on DND, just for an afternoon, then a day, then another day. Gradually it became something I was happy to do as a default. I would turn off the DND when I may need to listen out for a call, a delivery or meeting. But the remainder of the time I left it on.

It's now been two months and I am in no rush to change it back. I still check my phone regularly and reply to (some) quick messages. But longer replies, especially emails and some social media posts, I leave until I am ready to sit down and reply in my own time. If I miss a call I can always call or message back, again when I am ready and when I am not in the middle of something else.

This maybe a behaviour/ habit that works more in lockdown, when there is way less 'urgent' calls that require immediate action. So I am not sure if it will still work as we start moving around more.

In the past I have tried turning off my data for periods of time, but I didn't like not being able to see notifications if/ when I looked at my phone. So there was a bit more fear of the unknown. This way (with DND) the notifications are there when I look/ can check.

This is definitely a wellbeing tip I am keeping, for now. We will see how this goes moving forward, but yer, it's great.

I think it's important to utilise this time, to reflect on what we have learnt and are still learning about our own preferences, for life, for work, for relationships, for everything really.

I hope there are things you are able to notice about yourself and may be some tips or tools you have picked up during lockdown/ isolation/ 2020. I'd love to hear about some of your recommendations, so feel free to let me know on twitter or instagram (@Mike_Doulgas_). For now, I am enjoying relearning how I 'best work' and how I want to live.


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