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Blogging Less, But Doing More

Over the last 12 to 18 months I have been writing/ blogging less. While there's a few reasons why (including the podcast) there is another reason that I wanted to mention here.

As some of you know about 20 months ago I changed my job. This change involved leaving education after 12 years of professional working and starting working at a mental health charity.

I was, and am, so delighted to work for a mental health charity, and particularly to have the position I do. I find the work very fulfilling, rewarding and at times thought provoking.

Having the position I do and being employed by a mental health charity has meant I blog less because many of the conversations I previously started online I am now having face to face with groups, clubs and workplaces on a daily/ weekly basis as part of my job.

I have tired to exhibit a measure of self protection, wellbeing and recognition in not writing too often as I am wary of making mental health 'my everything'. I don't think that's a great idea for anyone, and I know for myself particularly, I couldn't cope with always being on the 'mental health campaign bus'.

I was very fortunate around the time of my job change, as I had the opportunity to talk with a fellow campaigner and mental health charity employee, Rob. We had a great conversation about being mindful how much time (and of yourself) you put into mental health work. Rob shared some of his experience and that really helped me think about my own experience and wellbeing.

I still post when I want/ need too, but having had that conversation really helped me to accept that I would be blogging less and potentially talking about mental health online less too.

I am delighted that I am now able to spend my working time/ efforts/ life changing the culture around mental health, and trying to improve access to support. If that means I write online less often that's something I have accepted and have learnt to manage.

It is also something I take great pride in. I am able to help more people, in more ways, than before. And, I continue to be able to post when I need or want to.

There are many ways you can: support others, campaign, change culture and even educate yourself. Blogging is a great tool, but it's not the only one.

I look forward to continuing with blogging, podcasting and working for a mental health charity and everything (most things, haha) that comes with it.

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