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The Dockyard

In amongst all the recent moving I visited the new Dockyard on Guildhall Walk in Portsmouth yesterday. It was great to get out and break up everything box related that's been happening. I guess that should be expected with moving.

I was visiting The Dockyard for their opening event yesterday and the first thing I noticed was the very impressive interior. It's a big change from the dark and less welcoming feel the former Yates used to have. I think this is in part due to the great use of space and multipurpose areas created with the new design at The Dockyard. Which includes sofa seating, games benches (with USB charging points), TV table/ booths and the pool table area, plus theres a lovely outside space too.

Staff were learning the ropes, so orders took a little while to process, which is fine on an opening week. If anything, it makes the environment more relaxed.

The venue felt very friendly and welcoming, staff were proactive in asking how everything was, not just the food/ drink. There is a simple menu, with some interesting items on there. My meal for example was Chicken and Waffles, which came with maple syrup. Honestly, it was amazing, but felt kind of strange. This is a dish I have never had before and it kind of felt like eating dessert with my main, but it was great. You have to try it!

*I have spoken to a couple of friends since, and apparently this is a way more common meal than I knew.

It is great to see investment in a few local venues (having recently seen investment by Stonegate in Palmerston Road and Fareham), particularly in Guildhall Walk. I used to visit on a monthly basis, but over the last decade many venues have grown tired and worn, so I found myself visiting Havant or Gunwharf instead. It's great to know there's now more fresh equipped places to visit in Guildhall.

The Dockyard looks like it'll be a great place to watch live sport, chill out over lunch with a game or some pool and I am sure the location means it will be popular with students in term time too. I will definitely be back for lunch and pool in the future.

Make sure you drop in and check out the new Dockyard.

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