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Visiting The New Scarlet Tap

Last Friday (yesterday) I was invited to attend the new Scarlet Tap in Southsea. The former Slug and Lettuce venue has under gone a huge revamp and for me a bit of a rebrand.

Being honest, I don't really remember the old Slug and Lettuce venue on Palmerston Road. I think it was somewhere I had visited once maybe twice. There were other venues that where much more appealing along Palmy Road, so I can't say it stood out.

Part of the rebrand/ new look, felt like the Scarlet Tap will be a modern 'sports bar' with a focus on spirits and cocktails, just as much as craft beers and ciders. A pretty nice mix. Theres still that Slug and Lettuce, relaxed welcoming vibe too.

If you follow me on twitter (@Mike_Douglas_), you'll know I have had a few catch up evenings with friends lately. I am trying to make more time to actually see and chat to friends I have previously gone months (some over 6-9 months) without seeing. Because of the conversations I am often having with friends, it's great to meet in 2s or 3s. This means we really get a chance to sit down and talk. Something that is definitely supported by the number of booth tables at Scarlet Tap.

For me, its good to have a few different places to go, not just geographically, but in terms of the 'vibe' and environment. Different friends have different interests, and we have different things in common.

So Scarlet Tap's modern 'sports bar' feel is very interesting to me. It's different to other general bars. Heck, I can't think of somewhere else with 11 plasma TVs, plus a projector and cocktails!

Slug and Lettuce venues usually do a great job with the cocktail masterclasses, so I was pleased to hear they should be remaining. There will also be nights with live music and a DJ. The music scene in Portsmouth is amazing(!!!), so hearing that live music is part of the plan for Scarlet Tap was (are you ready for it?), music to my ears. This is a potential major selling point for me. I have been to a few bars (some not that great) just for the live music. So if theres regular good local live music, this could be massive for a Southsea venue.

I was delighted to be gifted my meal and have the opportunity to talk with Andy from Stonegate about the recent changes at Scarlet Tap. It was also an opportunity to sit down with Charlotte and hear about some of the amazing work she's been doing recently (make sure to check her channels - Girl about Southsea and Charlotte Griffiths Photography). Plus, as I was leaving Lisa was arriving, so we said hi too. It's so great to see more Pompey Bloggers engaging in opportunities.

The Scarlett Tap opened today! So from Saturday 25th May make sure you pop in and see the new venue on Palmerston Road.

If your not in the Portsmouth area, make sure to check out your nearest Stonegate Pub, theres over 690 venues in the UK and they really seem to be investing in creating some lovely spaces for us to spend our leisure time.

PLUS, look out for a few social media posts from this coming Friday's VIP Grand Opening Event at Scarlet Tap.

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