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Discovering Fareham - S&L Relaunch

If you read my last post, you'll know I am in the process of moving to Fareham. Part of that exciting journey for me is to discover some new places to spend my time.

Sure I'll still be around Havant, Portsmouth and occasionally Southampton/ Chichester, but finding good local spots is something I am looking forward to.

I have spent a bit of time in Fareham before, but often its been specifically for events, activities, performances or exhibitions. So finding some beautiful photo spots, good running trails, peaceful juice drinking or lunch eating venues is very much part of my plan as I move to a new town.

I have already seen the amazing range of events that the shopping centre do, particularly for families, which is ace, and there seems to be a real community vibe in the town centre.

Part of the moving process is viewing houses and conversations about big decisions. Those conversations are often long and require time for thoughts to be processed. I have often found walking, then finding somewhere to sit down, to be a useful strategy for conversations and for myself particularly to process some of my own thoughts.

Given my/ our current house viewing, it was a great time to be invited to a relaunch at Slug and Lettuce in Fareham this weekend. I did have a little look online to see whats been happening at S&L. I found out; the pub is partly set in an old church (which I didn't actually know) and has been a Slug and Lettuce since 2014. This relaunch involves a menu, branding and decor update, including a new VIP area, bookable birdcage booth and a cocktail making station.

On arrival we were greeted (though I am not expecting this treatment every-time haha) which was lovely, and it was really interesting to hear about some of the changes and how the spaces have been designed to make the venue as welcoming as possible.

On the day there was a meal lucky dip, which I was a little too excited about considering my pickiness. But it was great, and we were allowed to 'go again' if we weren't sure about our pick.

Myself and Laura have eaten here a few times before, it's in a lovely spot on the high street and overlooks the bandstand, which is often in use.

The food was great, Laura had a chicken wrap with green tea and I had a long pizza (I still don't really know what mine is/ was called haha, but it was yummy!). I will say the one down side for me is the paper under the food. If I had Laura's meal I wouldn't mind as much, because there isn't a need to cut anything. But the paper under my pizza was pretty ripped by the end. I know these are common in many restaurants, but it still gets me. Not to mention the waste it's creating.

The food was very yummy and looking through the menu, the prices are all very reasonable. The 3 desserts deal is not to be ignored!

I got to have a little look around at the changes in the evening/ night time space. The cocktail station, birdcage seating, VIP area and DJ booth all being part of the recent refurbishment. It's good to know that there is somewhere local, in Fareham that you can spend a evening/ night with friends, partners and I guess maybe some of you may socialise with family (you weirdos hahaha).

I am already looking forward to going back in the future. The tree, flowers and vines decorating the downstairs area is lovely. Its really really nice. Why don't more places have trees in them?

I am really excited to keep on finding out about more awesome places to visit in Fareham. So if you have recommendations let me know by replying to me on twitter @Mike_Douglas_

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Andy for hosting the opening event, inviting me along and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We are both looking forward to coming back.

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