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I need a good moan

I really need a moan. Life has been busy and stressful lately. It’s been good, but I need an outlet.

Last weekend I relaxed for the first time in about 2-3 weeks, and I’m trying to unload and unpack some thoughts in my head. Part of that is needing to moan about a couple of things. We all need a moan every so often right? Well you’re about to read mine. Before I start, these are THINGS that annoy me. If you’ve done them, I’m not annoyed at you. Also I have done some of these things too, and I’m trying to stop. Anyway, here goes. 1. Being respectful is important. But sometimes I thing we are creating a world were people are too afraid to talk about certain subjects for fear of using the wrong words. Start the conversation and learn as you go. 2. Feelings are not exclusively feminine. 3. Sport / being physical is not exclusively masculine. 4. Why is it ok that Jacob falls in ‘romantic’ love with a baby in Twilight. 5. You can’t ‘commit suicide’. It was decriminalised in 1961, thats almost 60 years ago! 6. As a people we are moving towards equality. But we are nowhere near it. Please don’t pretend we are. 7. What you think of someone else is often a greater reflection on you than it is on them. 8. Global warming isn’t just about it being hot. 9. Life can suck. 10. Sometimes I still don’t want to be here. I’m learning to accept that. 11. People can suck (not linked to point 7 hahaha). 12. So many thoughts run through my head, its often hard to sort/ evaluate/ process them. 13. Stop calling, I’m not going to answer the phone. Just leave me a text, I will phone when I am ready. 14. I don’t like the way I look right now. 15. I don’t like not being in control. 16. Justice League is good, but it should have been so much better. 17. Henry Cavhil was an amazing Superman. Why did DC let him go? 18. My car is still having a few problems. I am a little anxious every time I drive at the moment. 19. The freezer was leaking today. I had to throw food away! Mega sad and annoyed. 20. I still struggle - with depression, BPD symptoms, thoughts of self harm and with life.

Got to be honest, I do feel a bit better for having a moan and getting some of that out. Some points are more complex and or difficult than others. Some are more serious than others. But it has been good to just get them out.

Thanks for reading, I hope you feel more about to have a bit of a moan and get some of those thoughts and or feelings out of your head/ body.

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