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Not The Hair!

This week I had the haircut I have not been looking forward to.

I haven't been blasting you updates on this little project for a couple of reasons. Probably mostly because after thinking about having a notable haircut, then deciding it would be great to do this for charity, I really wasn't too keen on the idea. I flipping love my hair!

I think in the last four or five years I've only had two haircuts and one of those was having about one centimetre off. I have grown my hair as I have (hopefully) grown as a person. I have very much seen my hair as a symbol of the 'new me' I slowly tried to create after my separation and divorce. I found much of my own self identify wrapped up in my hair.

So it was not a quick decision to make, and it was f'ing hard to stick too. However, I had been inspired by Chloe, Hannah's daughter, who I wrote about about 18 months ago (blog post). Chloe donated some of her hair to Little Princess Trust.

The Little Princess Trust was launched in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee, along with help from friends and from Hannah’s school, Hereford Cathedral Junior School. Fast forward 11 years and over 5,000 real hair wigs have been given freely to sick children.

For me this was an awesome opportunity to do something to help in a very small way others struggling. I looked on the Little Princess Trust website and it mentioned fundraising too. So I decided that would help me to stick with it. Otherwise I think there was a very real possibility I would have opted to not go through with it.

I decided to fundraise for my local mental health charity HEH Mind and for Little Princess Trust. If you would like to support me in raising funds for these two awesome charities please use or share the link (

If you already have, thank you!

On the day I didn't want to have my hair cut. But I knew it was a good thing to do and that it was the right time for me to try something different.

I can only say sorry... I've had my hair cut and brought shorts this week. So its probably going to get cold and wet now (#ByeSun), hahaha.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone thats donated, to Laura for taking my photos on the day and to my sister who (I somehow trusted to) cut my hair. She did an awesome job, so thanks Steph and No5 Hair & Beauty.

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