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Bunny Bloggers, The Body Shop

After being postponed due to snow a couple of weeks ago, it was almost funny to have snow again 36 hours after the rearranged Body Shop event.

It was lovely to go back to the store and see some of the new products. Though product wise I was most excited to hear there could be a new line of mens products coming soon. So I feel like the next event could be financially dangerous hahaha.

This event was lovely as I knew a few more of the Bloggers and it was nice to see some of the same staff there too. Shout outs to Saffron, Beckie, Sophie, Abbie and James.

Pre event I managed to grab some food and a drink in Chichester. I also got to talk to Charlie a bit more which was fun.

I do enjoy the way The Body Shop Chichester put their events together. There is a friendly welcome from staff at the door as you enter the room full of colour and scents. The staff talked to us about the new products, The Body Shop ethos and we were introduced to the #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting campaign / petition.

Heres a bit from The Body Shop:

"We have always believed in beauty without cruelty and in campaigning for change. That’s why together with Cruelty Free International, we were the first global cosmetics company to campaign against animal testing. Today we’re continuing to fight for our vision for a world without animal testing in cosmetics. We are cruelty free, 100% vegetarian and Leaping Bunny certified."

Their aim is to get 8 million signatures to present to the UN General Assembly in 2018. Right now, they are closing in on 5 million. If you want to add your name to the petition visit their website.

There was a fun blindfolded hook the duck game, which I eventually had a go at (once everyone else had had a go). Thank goodness I waited. I was... Terrible! Even with help I struggled!

It was very cool to talk to Dan again. We spoke about the concept of time, what we do with time and how to change our perception of time. It was super interesting to me, especially as I try to improve my own mindset and perceptions.

We were fortunate to receive canapés from Wagamama Chichester which was really nice too. Again another brand I have not really visited much before (I had a think about this, I have actually only been once before). So it was interesting to hear more about them and I am looking forward to sampling more of their menu in future.

The evening was just lovely. Today I have spent some time in the bath enjoying some frosted berries (I have lots of frosted berries and plums) bath soap, and my frosted plum candle has been going for 7 hours so far. Each time I have moved to a new room today, I have taken the candle with me, hehe. It has been a good self care day.

Self care was a bigger part of my first Body Shop post, which you can read here.

Before the last Body Shop event I had probably been into 3 Body Shop stores in my life. It was not somewhere I shopped or visited. After that first event I felt a connection with the values and ethos of The Body Shop. I have to say while that is a cool link, its not enough for me personally to start shopping their all the time.

However having attended another event, I feel like its not just the ethos now. The staff are super friendly, they seem happy to work where they do and that shows me more than they could ever 'tell me'. Additionally I have now used some of the products, and I want more.

For me personally, the staff at The Body Shop Chichester have positively effected my view of a brand, provided great customer service, shown how a store / brand can (and maybe should) work with and for the local community. Plus(!) they sell great products. I will be returning!

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