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I said WOW, but the film was... Star Wars

I wanted to talk about Star Wars having just seen it. But also not wanting to spoil it for others who may have not yet seen the movie.

So, a SPOILERS Warning!

There were things I liked, disliked and wasn’t sure about. One point I think is super important is that more parts of the movie makes sense after steping back and almost absorbing the story you have just been told.

My positives have to start with the amazing scene where Kylo Ren and Rey fight side by side. This was a massive wow moment for me. At the time I was thinking it’s a bit of a shame this is in the 2nd of 3 movies, it would be a great ending. However, it leading to them being the two opposing sides of the force was a good set up for film 3 or 9.

The imagery, the build, the story to that point was great. It is only because of this that I was ok with the quick death of Snoke. In fact its fair to say this was my favourite part of the last 2 films!

The negatives… the First Order just waiting for the Resistant’s ship to run out of fuel was confusingly stupid.

The lack of development or reveal regarding Snoke, however I have mentioned that I am ok with how this played out. Also the throwaway o, Rey is no one special. I think this was meant to be a feel good, anyone can be someone moment. But it felt like being trolled. 'You thought she was going to be from one of the key families / characters we have established? Hahaha, idiot'. Yer thanks for that film makers.

Possibly the biggest problem though is the backstory (it’s like the only one we get, and judging by this one maybe we are better off with others) of Luke and Ben / Kylo. The idea that Luke Skywalker, the person that saw light in Dark Vader(!!) walked into Ben’s bedroom while he was sleeping and prepped his lightsabber for a killing, is ridiculous and a vile turn to the character.

It also doesn’t make sense given that the story in this movie was Kylo / Ben could still be turned to the lightside.

Luke’s, I think, death… was a little strange. So did he die… I think he is meant to have died. Interesting that Leia and Rey (built as strong force users) didn’t ‘feel’ this. Also, I cant help but think killing Luke would be a massive plus for the Ben / Kylo character to add to his killing of Han.

Leia finally using the force…yer, errrrr... I didn’t mind this, but it’s a bit… I don’t know. Either way, I definitely didn’t like the ‘look’ it had on the screen.

Poe Dameron’s Rebellion. I liked the Poe storyline, him becoming more responsible and seeing the bigger picture, as his character builds to becoming more of a leader. However this kind of all felt a bit undermined when he wasn’t informed of the escape plan from the ship. Why the escape was a secret from him I still don’t really know.

Then there’s Fin. I didn’t think of him as a coward or run away in The Force Awakens. I saw him as being brave and overcoming a personal battle about what he believes is acceptable and right. However The Last Jedi, showing him running away, really made me feel like his character is actually a very weak one. Where he continually runs from conflict, rather than the brave hero type version of Finn I previously saw, I am left thinking, I’m ok if he dies. Kind of a shame Rose saves him... why did she do that again?

Fin and Rose in the casino was a waste of time too. Like that was all to open a door that BB8 really should be able to do, because bots are shown to be able to open doors throughout the series.

Captain Phasma seems like the biggest loser in these films. Yet I'm sure she is meant to be a decent character from what other people have said, I don't know if this is based on books, games, spin off movies. But Phasma in this, and the last film seemed like nothing special.

Thats a lot of negatives... but truth be told its annoyance because the movie is ok/good. However it could have been so much better with a bit more thought.

Honestly the wow feeling I got with Rey and Ben / Kylo fighting side by side. The rest of the movie could be crap and I would still like it. I was such a great moment!

There were cool moments with kids being inspired, some fun space battles (stop thinking about the fuel issues later in the movie!) and I liked the Yoda appearance to show Luke still doesn't know it all.

If you like Star Wars, you have probably already seen the movie, what did you think? Id recommend it, you don't need to have seen other movies to get most of the story, though obviously it would help.

Also... how old is Chewbacca? Like 100? He is in episode 2 right? So when Luke is a child he is already an adult...

Heres hoping episode 9 is better put together, but is also able to recreate some of the wow moments.

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