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CEX 50p Challenge

Its been a crappy couple of weeks; with work and health issues. Then last weekend I found myself thinking about some of the time I will have off between Christmas and New Year. I went to iTunes and looked at a few movie trailers, I love trailers! Though I have started to avoid some, specifically Marvel and Star Wars, because the trailer gives away too much of the story for my liking.

Looking through the movies I found some I wanted to watch, but they were either not available yet or were £8+. I wouldn't mind as much if its a new movie. But when its lesser known films from 2012, come on.

I prefer having a digital copy of a movie as I do most of my tv watching on my iPad or MacBook. I really don't watch the actual tv that much. However I was not keen on over paying just so I could watch on my iPad.

I should explain that I do not subscribe to any tv streaming services. I have used guest passes to view series that I really wanted to see like 13 Reasons Why, Game of Thrones and Glow. But there isn't an appeal to pay for these services each month.

After seeing the digital copy prices on iTunes, I looked on amazon and found a few dvds. However some movies where about the same price for the dvd as iTunes. In that situation I would rather have the digital copy. So I thought again. The next idea to come to mind was CEX.

The exchange store is somewhere I drop into every so often. Usually to check out the wearable tech, drones, cameras and anything new. In fact my Blue Snowball Mic and Apple Watch are items I purchased from CEX.

I looked on the website found a few movies, but then thought I could make this a bit more fun. I set myself a 50p challenge. I could get as many movies as I wanted, but(!) I had a 50p per item limit. This was actually fun as an activity.

I found one of the movies I was looking for (Powder Room), unfortunately another one (Overnight) was not in stock. You can check store stock on the website, but that ruins some of the fun of the CEX 50p challenge.

Subsequently I looked through to see what movies looked cool. There were a couple I was interested in, but they were £1.50. So I left them, hahaha.

After about 20 minutes of looking through I had my CEX 50p Challenge results. I picked up: Salt, Ted, Powder Room, Team America, Mission Impossible 4 or 5 and 500 Days of Summer.

I challenge you to do the CEX 50p Challenge and share your results.

Not a sponsored post, I am just a cheap ass and looking for free fun.

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