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UK Blog Awards - Who To Vote For

You may have seen in the last week theres been a few posts about the, now open, UK Blog Awards Public Vote. I mean obviously you are voting for me in the Lifestyle and Health Care categories right... right! Please! Hehe. Well, I thought I would share the love and look at some of the blogs I will be supporting and voting for.

Before we start I will be looking at the individual entrants, not the companies.

Art & Culture - Ellis Wolley

Ellis writes her own blog and manages her illustration business, Pastel Elixir. I really like this quote from Ellis to "I have loved every second of it and although there have been challenges, the lessons I have learnt are so incredibly valuable to me and are skills I will carry with me for the rest of my life". I have to say I properly watch more of Ellis on youtube than I do read her blog. Her honest and open approach to blogs and vlogs is lovely to see. Plus her voice is awesome! I love it!

If you are into art and crafty things theres some cool products in Ellis' store too.

Fashion & Beauty - Petals of Perfection

Sophie talks about beauty products alongside her own life experiences. Having managed her blog since the age of 16, Sophie's content has matured and shows personal growth in her writing and vlogs.

"I've gone from talking about my new favourite lipsticks, to laying it all out on the table and sharing my deepest and darkest thoughts, which is a very scary thing to do and can make you feel really vulnerable."

Look, you don't 'need' to worry about these guys because obviously you are going to vote Mike!

But, if for some strange reason you want to give your vote to someone else (idiot, haha), I recommend you take a good look at these blogs. They are all sites I have read and interacted with. Sam, Beth, Kerry and Han are all passionate and have well written blogs. The work they do helps to contribute towards our common goal of removing mental health stigma and supporting those who may not be in the best place.

Seriously well done to whoever wins this category is flipping massive! Why did I enter this category?!

Theres lots of great blogs in here.

I'm not going to re-mention blogs that I have mentioned in other sections. But again, you don't need this, VOTE Mike!

However if you don't, then definitely look at Shannon and Becky's blogs. I continue to be inspired by these two. Their posts are on a range of topics and are often littered with jokes and smiles.

Shannon "In 2015, I began writing a few blog posts here and there about beauty and general lifestyle chit-chat. But I wanted so much more than that. One day, in June 2016, everything changed. Not only did I share a blog post talking about my struggle with depression and anxiety, I opened up to my family, friends and the social media world. I've never looked back".

Becky "I talk about a variety of subjects that come from my own personal experiences, from breakups and fat shaming to travelling abroad for the first time, finding my courage and cutting out toxic friends and social media, all with a sprinkle of fun, fashion and travel along the way".

Parenting - My Wee Buddy

Ok, ok, sure I'm cheating a bit here. For some very strange reason Jenny & Buddy were not nominated. All the same you should check them out! They are active on Instagram and youtube.

PR, Marketing & Comms - Bright Lights, Big City

Rebecca is one to watch, active in a range of blogger groups and regularly offering to support new bloggers. If you are interested in public relations, media, marketing then you should be connecting with Rebecca.

Sports & Fitness - Wedges & Weights

I had never seen Hannah's blog until looking at the UK Blog Awards nominations list. So I can't offer much of an insight, other than I love the look and approach Hannah seems to have to all-round health and fitness. Her site is worth a view, go see what you think.

Social Influencers - Andrew Corry Blog & Charlene McElhinney

I'm really interested in Andrew's progress since last years awards. Plus its great to see someone talk positively about providing free blogger content for their local area.

"Since becoming a finalist last year in the UK Blog Awards 'Events and Weddings' Individual Category for my titled 'Kynren - My Experience' Blog, I have turned my attention on writing a new blog talking about and promoting my hometown and where Kynren is performed, being Bishop Auckland."

I have enjoyed hearing about Charlene's adventures and experiences this year. Plus she seems to keep a fairly good photographer around her most of the time, so theres some cool photos from her too.

"My blog is reaching 2 years old. I've never put myself out there for an award and I figured life was too short to keep holding myself back. Do I deserve an award? That's up to you lovely readers & followers to decide. However, award or no award, I've came a long way over the past 2 years and I like to think I've progressed not only as a writer - but as a person."


I am sure theres some I have missed, but that gives you an insight into who I will be supporting and voting for at UKBA18.

**Yup already noticed I missed out Kay! Someone else amazing in one of my flipping categories**

I really enjoyed attending last years UK Blog Awards in London and hopefully I will be able to attend again in 2018. Until then, remember to vote for your favourites. Maintaining a blog is hard work, most do this without pay and around full time work or studies.

Congratulations to everyone nominated, heres to #UKBA18

And remember...

*All quotes in this post are from

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