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What a weekend...

Blimey what a lot of 'talking' theres been this weekend. I must admit I did make a mistake I need to learn from. Just don't reply! Your only giving attention so someone desperately seeking it.

I have seen a number of people tweet, blog, vlog and post about the 'community' this week. I think it is important to remember that you can exist in a community with people you don't like or get on with. I mean most of us have lived or worked with / near people that we don't get on with. The difference is there seems to be some expectation that everyone within blogging has to get on. Thats just unrealistic based on what I've seen recently. Some people lie, some people see things differently, some people don't understand, some people think they are the centre of the world. So why set such unrealistic expectations?

You know what, thats ok, you do you. In truth I guess you should be the centre of your world. Its your life and you want to enjoy it.

I have realised that some people are more interested in 'Band Me' than the 'community'. Not to mention some 'communities' are more like cliques. Again I guess thats ok, if thats what your looking for. Personally I am more interested in meeting new people and talking about interesting topics. I want to have my thoughts challenged and developed. I want to meet people and hear about their adventures. Thats why I like finding new groups and not sticking with the same one all the time.

Sitting with the same 5 people, talking about the same 5 things and mutually masturbating each other has never really been my thing.

I have seen some really struggle with the idea of diversity. The thought that someone may think or act differently is not just frowned on, its out rightly dammed. That kind of single-mindedness is not really something I'm keen on.

Direct messages and private chats happen, you are never going to stop it, most wouldn't want to. It does make me laugh though, when someone forwards you a message someone else has sent them about you. People, the shade you throw. You can only laugh, because you know their trying to rally the troops and make a big thing out of it, without it seeming like its them doing that.

Its all so needless.

Why do some people expect to be liked, promoted and celebrated for nothing? Or worse for a negative experience. Can you imagine going to a pretty restaurant, having a nice evening. Then seeing the staff spitting in food as you leave and laughing about it. Following that the restaurant then complaining you didn't recommend them to everyone you saw?

I think its important for some of us to remember why we do what we do. I blog firstly for myself. To get the thoughts in my head out, to settle the restlessness I experience and share my thoughts. Along the way I have been fortunate enough to met some amazing people and raise awareness of some important topics. I have since enjoyed writing about some cool experiences I've had too. I don't write with a purpose to big myself or other people up. I write honestly, if I don't like something I say it and I have, even in collaboration posts. I'd say 95% of people I have met are so on board with this and love it. However its not for everyone. Some people only want positive stuff said about them, as if blogging takes place in North Korean or something.

As I said, my mistake has been in replying to tweets that I know are not going to go well. However I'm getting better. It doesn't always end well, but I'm getting there on dealing with the negative stuff.

This stuff happens within the mental health 'community' too, I have seen friends attacked this week and some people try to create more drama. The lesson is even within the sub 'communities' this happens.

Another thing I would like to clear up, as seen this a few times. If someone is an advocate for mental health, that doesn't mean they have to promote or support everyone that claims to have a mental health illness. It doesn't mean they have to advocate for you. Again, you are not the centre of the world. You don't get free support, counselling, promotion just because we have the same eye colour or disability.

Maybe its just different cultures? I don't expect from people, whether thats an acquaintance or a friend. Other people do. Maybe there isn't a right or wrong. Theres just a different belief or culture... Who knows.

Anyway, I just felt I needed to get this out and hopefully give some support to some of you that have also seen or experienced some the negative stuff going on.

Im still torn as I want to talk to people, as you can see from the screen shot I'm ok with disagreeing. Its trying to be open. I don't know, maybe thats not the done thing?

If you have decided to unfollow, mute or block recently, what the fuck are you doing here! hahaha. You suck! Seriously though, its cool. Im up for talking to most of you. Theres only one or two (actually 6) I've lost patience with. We are not going to agree (Im not going to promote you, so theres really no where to go from here apparently).

To everyone else, keep rocking! I have a couple of personal things to sort out this week. Then there will be some news coming about one of the projects. It good and bad news!

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