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The Cancelled Event... But...

Well Friday evening didn't exactly go to plan.

On Friday I attended my first South East Bloggers Circle event...kind of.

Jenny had organised for a few of us to attend the Lush store in Basingstoke to see the new Halloween and Christmas range launch at 8pm (after the store had closed). Given the distance and timing I had driven straight from work on Friday and arrived at about 6pm. It was actually really nice because I had time to chill in Burger King and take a few photos of Festival Place.

At around 7.40pm I was thinking of making my way around to the Lush store, when I was informed that the event had been cancelled. I was annoyed and sad that the event wasn't happening, especially because I was already there and had been for a while.

I did happen to find the Yobu bar in Festival Place, so had a quick chat with Mei. It was cool to see the bar having heard about it when I spoke to Mei in Bournemouth in the summer. Since I suddenly had time I decided to take a couple of photos.

At 8pm I popped into the Lush store to meet Jenny and the other Bloggers that had turned up. The staff in the store where lovely, they apologised for the cancelled event and gave us all a bath bomb. We had a few minutes in the store, which was my most speediest photo taking session ever!

Even though it was really quick. I still enjoyed the colours and the smells. Hopefully we get another opportunity to visit the store.

It was also nice to meet a few people, all of whom I haven't met before. Though I am still sure I have at least seen Dawn before. Given the cancelled event we decided to go for a drink and chat in one of the bars in Festival Place. It was super busy, but its Friday night so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. The outside walkway past the restaurants and bars was lovely, very well designed. I would be up for going back there as a meet up, rather than a backup for the event that didn't happen.

It was hard to hear most of the chat in the bar as it was so noisy, but it was lovely to meet new people. Thats one of the main reasons I love meet ups, there doesn't have to be 'an event'. Just meeting new people is pretty cool!

After a busy week at work, two podcast recordings in the week and last night (above) I was a bit wiped out today. I haven't got half of the stuff done I wanted, but, I did take some time for a bath this afternoon. My bath bomb was so good, I even fell asleep in the bath. So thanks Lush Basingstoke! I do hope we can visit another time.

This evening I am going to chill, watch some Criminal Minds and hunt for any uneaten sweets in the house.

I hope you are making and taking some time for yourself this weekend.

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