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WWE Summer of Stables?

This week WWE Raw showed Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose team up in a match. Not only did they fight together, WWE teased a Shield reunion. This got me thinking as theres a few opportunities at the moment for some amazing stables. Im not saying they will happen, they probably won't all happen. But they would be amazing.

The Shield

As I mentioned Rollins and Ambrose look to have entered a program that is leading to them being a tag team. This would be the best use of them at this moment in time. Dean's value has dropped dramatically and Seth surely needs something big given he is the WWE 2K18 cover star.

Does Roman fit into this? At the moment definitely not. However, WWE always wants to give him the rub, so the occasional team up with Seth and Dean could be on the cards. Partially if the other teams come into play.

The Wyatt Family

Starting with Harper and Rowan. They are awful without this stable. I would be surprised to see them remain in WWE if they are not part of a Wyatt Family Team. Luke Harper seems like an ok wrestler, much better than Eric Rowan. But theres no real character for either other than being part of the Wyatt Family.

Similar to The Shield, I see a tag team reforming with Harper and Rowan, then Bray being an optional extra at the moment. This is made a little more difficult by the fact that Bray is on Raw while Harper and Rowan are on Smackdown. But with a rumoured draft somewhen between SummerSlam and Survivor Series, that could change. With Bray then leading the 3 man team on a regular basis.

As for Brawn Strowman. I think he will remain an individual competitor. He has grown in character and promise since wrestling solo, unlike Harper and Rowan, he would be much better going it alone.

Bullet Club / The Club

Anderson and Gallows have been poorly booked since about their 3rd week in WWE. Their appeal has dropped massively. With Finn Balor currently in a mid card holding position this could be a great time to look ahead.

Finn seems to be about to enter a program with Bray Wyatt. Heres where the 3 stables depend on each other.

If Bray, at SummerSlam (a Raw and Smackdown PPV) has the help of Harper and Rowan to beat Finn, this could lead him to reform / join The Club. Balor, Anderson and Gallows are the original 3 members of the now world famous Bullet Club. Given that Balor isn't in the main picture right now, this is the best time to do the The Club storyline.

Open Mike

For me, I would love to see The Club built up, so a victory over the Wyatt Family at Survivor Series would be great. Bray then gets drafted to Smackdown, where the Wyatt Family can rule. Getting Bray back to the title picture.

The Club would rule Raw eventually crossing paths with then tag team champs Ambrose and Rollins. The Club walks over them. This then leads to Roman Reigns coming in to make an amazing 3 v 3 storyline. Roman gets another rub because ooo he Roman (rolls eyes). This also builds two strong stables on RAW and one on Smackdown. Meaning theres something special that could be built towards and co hosted PPVs with a three way / nine man match up too.

What do you think? Unrealistic? Maybe Roman should beat everyone, 8 on 1 style?

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