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Jerry Williams at LJRs

I have just got in from an amazing gig and I can't sleep. I just have to write about it.

Jerry was fantastic tonight, absolutely amazing. Her performance was emotional, powerful and more... mature than I have seen when watching her perform before.

I first saw Jerry perform at Victorious Festival around 3 years ago. She was playing with Amba who I was there to see. We worked together years ago, maybe 10, and I have continued to try and get along to performances Amba is part of. I enjoy her music and love for not just music but supporting young artists to gain experience and find their own voice. Amba was part of 2 or 3 different sets that year.

I do love live music, I must confess it doesn't always have to be amazing for me to like it. Just being live already makes it cool to me. But this was something different. The performance felt like an old style with a modern twist. It was different.

That is the great thing about live music and about smaller, less well known artists. You get to hear them at more intermit venues and settings. Take tonight for example, there were maybe 100 people in the bar. So its a super intermit setting to see a performance. Even at Victorious that first year, it was on one of the medium stages so you could get really close. In fact last year I saw Jerry at Victorious and managed to get in the front row, woop woop!

Jerry reminds me of the Pierce Bros in a way. There are an amazing band that I first saw on the street in Melbourne. They were busking for coins in 2013, now I see them on Facebook performing to crowds of hundreds and thousands. I think it is just a matter of time until Jerry follows in their path.

Pierce Bros are awesome by the way, check them out!!!

I did feel there was a difference in the performance tonight. In my eyes, as a audience member, I can see Jerry has grown as a performer. Her composure, control of her voice, stage presence and relationship with the audience seems more mature and developed.

I am by no means a music knowledge person, but I know what I like and what I want to hear more of, and Jerry is that!

I recommend that you check Jerry's material out and try to see her live before she gets big time!

Here is a little clip from my night, to see and hear more follow Jerry and look out for updates.

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